My Name is VipStyle and I am a purseaholic

  1. I got REALLY BIG Bag problems:wtf:

    as some of you know I have a classic jumbo caviar coming this week from Saks

    My DH is in the studio doing music (ALL DAY...and nite)
    and I was bored

    I was looking in my closet at my collection and thought I would really like a off white chanel bag ..

    I called a few NM stores JUST TO SEE if there was any SMALL bags around...I was thinking more like the east-west flap style...and I had no luck

    Then I called a SA at NM I dealt with one time and he said he would call me back after he looked in the stock room to see what he might have.....:wtf: He called back and said I HAVE A DARK WHITE CLASSIC FLAP 2.55 WITH CHAIN and has 2005 in the flap:drool: (then he said do you know what bag I am talking about:wtf: ) I said are you sure:confused1: he said yes and read the style number to me and said it has a silver chain:wtf: ...I said is it new or a return..He said no we found it a few days ago buried in the back room and that it is brand new:yahoo: I said is it the reissue??? he said YES thats the name of it:wtf:

    OMG will be here thursday....I LOVE reissues...
    I had to share my excitement....and my sickness...
  2. Can't wait to see it, Vipstyle. That's my next love to own a reissue.
  3. That is great news!! My re-issue is my favorite Chanel bag.
  4. :lol: :lol: you are too funny! How fun is that??
    Congrats on ... um ... ALL your new purchases! :p
  5. Oh, that is too funny, and so lucky! I love the dark white color, and Reissues are gorgeous. Can't wait to see it!
  6. Tammy I KNOW...Very they say.."Right place at the right time" to bad I can't pick out the right numbers for the lottery;)

    Queen Vic-I guess I'm not getting the Kelly bag this month:roflmfao: it's all your fault (kidding)

    Michele...I have 2 reissues and LOVE them so much also..Now I have 3:wlae:

    allbrands..You will soon.:yes: WHen you are ready I'm sure we all could help you find one

    Thanks everyone:heart: ..I will post pics when both get here..

    I think I need to list some bags on eBay that I don't use...this way I won't feel guilty for getting two chanel bags today:rolleyes: But I don't really want to do that:nuts:
  7. Congratulations.
  8. HEEHEE! You go girl! Cant wait to see pics!
  9. oh god, i am addicted too... this board is not helping to keep my addication at bay either. fyi-- my hubby is a work-a-holic too. maybe that is why i'm always either online or shopping.
  10. :shrugs: ^^same here. I think I shop more than normal just because I get bored. As my DH pointed out the other day I got 20 new handbags in the last 6 months.
  11. WOW! You are on fire girl!!! I can't wait to see pics.

  12. VipStyle, you are so cute. =)
    Congrats, looking forward to your pictures. =)
  13. I enjoy living vicariously through my forum buddies.
  14. You just stumbled across a brand-new white Reissue? Are you sure no lottery numbers are coming to you? :smile: Congrats, that is one of my "can't believe I missed that one" bags, and I am looking forward to your pics!
  15. Congrats! I am dying to have this bag in the 226 size. Please post pics so I can :drool: over yours!