My name is Tink and I am a big bag addict.Trying to decide where to thin out :(

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  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel, I said I'd never want to get rid of anything but...I'm feeling like I need to.

    Anyway, I'd say to get rid of whatever you don't use. Definitely the Manhattan, Alma Voyages and Aurelia since you can still buy them back if you decide you *need* them again.
  2. Tink, I don't think you ought to get rid of anything. LOL They are all great bags! But if you must, the Aurelia GM and Manosque GM are the two to go since you don't use them as much. Wait....I take that back. LOL I couldn't get rid of any LV's. Sorry....not much help. :nuts:
  3. White l'extravagant: Keep
    Pampelone PM: May be, hard to come by
    Houston Vernis, fraimbose:

    Mono Cabas Alto: May be

    Aurelia GM: Keep & USE for s/s!!
    Antigua GM, braun: Sell, too matchy matchy.
    Cerise Keepall: Keep
    Manhattan GM: Sell, heavy & chunky, 'Looked good...' don't do any good unless you use it often
    Speedy 35, Epi, old blue:
    Sell, pretty, but a bit hard to find matching outfit?
    Manosaque GM: Sell, Hampstead GM IS replacing it, and there's only ONE you to use it.
    Large, SO vernis bucket, beige: Sell, sounds like you don't use it often enough to keep it

    Alma, Voyage GM: so fun, but barely used.

    Alma, Voyage PM: Sell, keep GM-bigger bling:supacool:

    it depends on how many you plan to part w/, so i put some maybe in the list.
  4. Heya Tink. Good to see you back around here. We missed you;)

    If it were me, I would part with the ones that mean the least to you. Or ones that can be "re-bought" if a time comes when you want it again. Things like the LE and discontinued, I would only sell if you feel right about it. I would sell all of them except for the cerise keepall. I am not a fan of Murkami, but as the years go by, that bag will sky rocket in value(and you love it). All the others are from very "stand-by" lines. The cerise was discontinued so that would be something to keep. Bags like the epi speedy and the alto I would definitely get rid of seeing as how they really aren't "special". The Alma voyage comes in one size now, so maybe selling the one that can be re-ordered and keeping the GM which can no longer be purchased. Since you really don't use the suhali, and you said it wasn't the most practical I'd get rid of that too. But in the end only sell what you're willing to sell/get rid of. But many times I've gotten rid of something I thought I couldn't live without, and found that I was just fine with it being gone.:heart::yes:
  5. Tink, here's the Valley analysis:

    White l'extravagant: keep keep keep! Even if you never use it it's beyond stunning and you can just plop it down in your living room as art.

    Pampelone PM: keep! Such a unique Azur you won't see ten of walking down the street.

    Houston Vernis, fraimbose: Sell. This color really doesn't do it for me, and you seem to be more a classic gal anyway

    Mono Cabas Alto: Keep! Makes an excellent hands-free carryon that'll be hard to replace if it's in good condition.

    Aurelia GM: Keep if you think you'll get around to using it again, otherwise sell.

    Antigua GM, braun: Sell. Ya already got the blue and pink sets, the brown is the least pretty of the three IMO.

    Cerise Keepall: KEEP! Even if it only gets used twice a year it's enough of a beauty to hang onto, particularly since it's a desirable seasonal piece.

    Manhattan GM: Definitely sell. It weighs a freaking TON and is really, really common.

    Speedy 35, Epi, old blue: Keep. Toledo blue is such a stunning color, when you have just the right outfit it'll sing.

    Manosaque GM: Keep! It's a gorgeous, discontinued design. Also very unique and rare, so if you ever sold it and wanted it back you'd have a hell of a time finding one.

    Large, SO vernis bucket, beige: I remember the great deal you snagged on this! I'd have to say keep, just beacuse it is such a lovely and unique neutral.

    Alma, Voyage GM: This definitely needs to go. As lovely as it is it's just TOO big and virtually useless.

    Alma, Voyage PM: This one's a toughie. While very pretty and semi-practical, would this get use considering how many other travel bags you have?

    Hope that helps at least a little bit :flowers:
  6. Keep us posted on what you keep :smile:
  7. Pics are in my showcase.
  8. Keep
    - white l'extravagant: it's your HG!!! Just display it nicely somewhere at home
    - cerise keepall: you'll be looking for this if you do any traveling!
    - SO vernis bucket: you SO'ed it for a reason, the lvoe might come back!

    Maybe keep:
    - Houston vernis: bold colors are in right now, maybe sell after the summer?

    - almas both
    - manhattan: you have a LOT of other nicer bags in comparison

    Not familiar with the other styles...

    But I expect any bags you do sell, you'll buy new ones in a equal number...that can only be fair right? :P
  9. Thanks everyone so, so much for your input it really helped!

    Here is what I decided to do: First I called my mom and sister to see what they would like to borrow, then last night I had 3 of my closest girlfriends over and let them choose a couple of bags each to borrow. I even let them borrow some of my 'keep' bags. That way, I feel like they are getting some use and not cluttering up my closet...yet they will come back to me in time. From this list I decided to sell the pampellone, but also decided to sell my mirror lockits too. I am really happy with this solution! Everyone was so happy, now I feel generous instead of greedy.

    White l'extravagant:
    Keeping for now, I just bought the thing, but still may go.

    Pampelone PM: selling

    Houston Vernis, fraimbose:
    Lent to friend

    Mono Cabas Alto: Lent to sister

    Aurelia GM:
    Lent to friend

    Antigua GM, braun: Keeping and taking to upcoming trip to Mexico.

    Cerise Keepall: Keeping for now, still may go.

    Manhattan GM: Lent to friend

    Speedy 35, Epi, old blue:
    Lent to mom

    Manosaque GM: Lent to friend

    Large, SO vernis bucket, beige: Lent to friend

    Alma, Voyage GM: Lent to friend for upcoming cruise.

    Alma, Voyage PM: Lent to friend for upcoming cruise.

    For reference large bags/luggage that are staying for sure (including non LV):

    LV: Hamstead GM; Suhali, Lockit MM, black (Lent to mom); Epi Montaigne GM, Ivory (Lent to mom); Epi, Riveria, red; Greenwich GM; MC keepall; Mono evasion (my gym bag); Denim sac a dos, gm (love it for travel); Mono Stephen (love the shoulder strap); Mono keepall 55 (my first lv, it's 25 years old!); mono 60 pegase; Mono garment bag; MC hardsided luggage (2) and boites (2).

    Non LV:
    Chanel: large reporters, black with white and white with black (Lent to both reporters to sister), Naked tote, silver. Hermes: Birkins, 40, Chocolate and BJ, Birkins, 35, gold (med. brown) and sable (light brown) (Lent to both 35's, to 2 different friends), clear large kelly (give away from expo, 99, I think). Coach: large totes, red leather, white (bumble bee), light blue and dot (all discountinued, cheap and great knock around love all the pockets). Luella, large red giselle and large black of the few black bags I have. Mulberry, pink roxanne, my only mulberry. Gucci: large brown doctors bag, Large blue bag (no idea of style name), both classics.
  10. wow! thats confusing. good choices though, that is so nice of you to lend them the bags!
  11. ok... i'll tell you what i think you should keep: manhattan gm, cerise keepall, pampelone pm, alma voyage (keep only one of them... maybe pm?), l'extravagant, pampelone pm, vernis houston (well.. i'm not a fan of framboise... so imo i think you should get rid of it, BUT if you really love the colour then keep it).
  12. Tink, long time no see! It sounds to me like what you really need is a bigger closet! Since you already have a VERY fabulous Suhali bag (the Lockit MM), I think you could get rid of the L'extravagant...especially if it is heavy and you have not carried it. I might also consider parting with the cerise Keepall and the Speedy.
  13. ~*Tink* (don't shoot me-duck for cover)..I'm going to have to agree w/ Sheila's suggestion...however, I would take a step further *SELL* even your HL:Push:. Apparently, you're bugged by its weight:yes:~
  14. Ok looks like I'm late to the thread and you have come to a solution already (btw can I be your friend and pop over to lend some bags lol)

    I would have said don't sell anything discontinued or that you have a set of but that doesn't leave much from your list lol
    And selling your miroir lockits!!! but they go so well with your LVoe heels (I'm not helping am I lol)

    and if that manosque does go up for sale I may to fight travlebliss for it that is a gorgeous bag loves it
    bring it on travel :bagslap::lol:

  15. OMG you are such and amazing and generous person.;) I don't think i could ever let some of my friends borrow my previous bags. Maybe the ones w/ out vachetta. I would be afraid that they would not care for it properly.

    my sister is the only one I think i would swap with....and I'd still have to think hard about it. ha ha