My name is Tink and I am a big bag addict.Trying to decide where to thin out :(

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  1. OK, they say admitting you have a problem is the first step to getting help. Those who kave known me for awhile, know I am a sucker for big bags, luggage, etc. I thinned and sold 4 or 5 bags about a year and half ago...I need to do it again, but having a hard time deciding what to let seems that I have a special attachment to each bag, but am getting that glutinous overloaded feeling and a least a couple have to go. Help! What would you let go of? Yes, these are only my large bags :shame:, not worrying about medium or small bags right now, trying to start wirh space hoggers ;)

    White l'extravagant: I just got this late last year, in a fit of 'it's being discountinued and I have always wanted it'. It is way heavier than I ever imagined and I have not even used it...but it was on my 'holy grail' list for so long :sad:

    Pampelone PM: Yes the PM is still huge! Oh, my gosh...I had to have this bag and the matching sandals, now after only using it twice it has been stuck in the closet.

    Houston Vernis, fraimbose:
    Again, barely used, but love the color.

    Mono Cabas Alto: 5-6 years old and barely used, but it is a classic and discontinued :sad:

    Aurelia GM:
    I actually, in the past have used this bag alot, just not recently...maybe it is time for a change.

    Antigua GM, braun: I have the matching towel, a swimsuit and awesome Eric Javitis the charms brown mules (and brown LV flip flops) and brown charms cles, that make a great pool set for when travelling...but, again, maybe a time for a change?

    Cerise Keepall: Love it, discountinued, looks great with mono pegase...but only used it 1-2 times a year.

    Manhattan GM: Another had to have it, got bumped to the top of the waitlist, in a fit leaving for 3 months before I went abroad 2 (or was it 3) years ago. Used it a lot on that trip, have not used it since. Looked great as a travel set, with my Pegase, and cerise keepall though ;)

    Speedy 35, Epi, old blue:
    Love it, one of the few speedys I have, but rarely use it.

    Manosaque GM: Was my only damier for a long time, but now that I have the the Hampstead GM, I haven't used the pockets though.

    Large, SO vernis bucket, beige: great, unique bag, but again not used much.

    Alma, Voyage GM: so fun, but barely used.

    Alma, Voyage PM: I just had to have the ;)

    For reference large bags/luggage that are staying for sure (including non LV):

    LV: Hamstead GM; Suhali, Lockit MM, black; Epi Montaigne GM, Ivory; Epi, Riveria, red; Greenwich GM; MC keepall; Mono evasion (my gym bag); Denim sac a dos, gm (love it for travel); Mono Stephen (love the shoulder strap); Mono keepall 55 (my first lv, it's 25 years old!); mono 60 pegase; Mono garment bag; MC hardsided luggage (2) and boites (2).

    Non LV:
    Chanel: large reporters, black with white and white with black, Naked tote, silver. Hermes: Birkins, 40, Chocolate and BJ, Birkins, 35, gold (med. brown) and sable (light brown), clear large kelly (give away from expo, 99, I think). Coach: large totes, red leather, white (bumble bee), light blue and dot (all discountinued, cheap and great knock around love all the pockets). Luella, large red giselle and large black of the few black bags I have. Mulberry, pink roxanne, my only mulberry. Gucci: large brown doctors bag, Large blue bag (no idea of style name), both classics.

    Ugh, sorry so long...any help/opinions greatly appreciated, TIA
  2. Hi Tink,

    Well you definitely can't get rid of the holy grail!! no way! You have to keep your speedies, and cerise keepall. I would probably get rid of one of the Alma's.
  3. Tink,

    You have a gorgeous collection!! If you have to pick a few bags to get rid of...I would say the houston vernis, mono cabos alto, manhattan gm and manosaque gm.

    I think the rest of the bags are too nice to ever sell!!
  4. OMG Tink! Considering all those on your "bags that are staying list," I say sell the 13 that are you have listed. Your list is insane! LOL!

    Okay, perhaps you should keep your HG bag! Afterall that is a $6100.00 baby!
  5. Hi Tink, so good to see you! Okay here are my thoughts: I would never part with the Cerise Keepall, the White l'extravagant, or the Houston Vernis Framboise. These items are all too special, LE and/ordiscontinued. They are stunners and I think you would miss them in your closet.

    I would part with: one of the Almas since you have 2, the Aurelia (you can replace it with something else in MC if you feel like you are missing MC) and the Pampelone PM. I hope this helps, keep us posted on what you decide.
  6. Im gonna faint! Wow UMMM lol , Glad to see you are keeping some of my favorite bags! I cant even comment on what to get rid of, Im still wanting to see pics, yes pics of it all~!
  7. White l'extravagant: Sell. If it isn't functional because of it's weight I would say it's time to get rid of it.

    Pampelone PM: Sell. Since you only used it twice you won't miss it.

    Houston Vernis, fraimbose: Keep. After the space saving of selling the others you should be able to hang on to this one. Keep in mind warm weather is around the corner and you will probably get more use out of her.

    Mono Cabas Alto: Give to LisaG719. ;) Seriously, I would keep her just because she is a gorgeous bag and so functional.

    Aurelia GM: Keep her. She just needs a rest and then you will probably end up rocking her some more. Again warm weather around the corner! :supacool:
    Antigua GM, braun: Keep. How can you break up such a great set?! :lecture:

    Cerise Keepall: Keep it. It could prove difficult to find another later on.

    Manhattan GM: Sell. You used her so little you will hardly notice she is gone.

    Speedy 35, Epi, old blue: Keep it because you love it. Her and Framboise can be closet buddies.

    Manosaque GM: Sell. You have moved on and it's time to set her free - pockets or no pockets.

    Large, SO vernis bucket, beige: Keep it. So unique.

    Alma, Voyage GM: Sell since you barely use her.

    Alma, Voyage PM: Sell since if you sell the GM why keep the PM?


    Keep us updated!
  8. Tink, I don't know about the others but I'd let L'extravagant and Manhattan GM go, just because they're such heavy bags. To me a heavy bag just complicates things unnecessarily - there are enough hassles in life without adding sore arms to the list. I'd keep the framboise Houston though, because like you I love the colour. Let us know what you decide, won't you!!
  9. :wtf:, I said thin, not demolish ;)

    Is the L'extravagant up to $6100, I am pretty sure I only paid 4920...oh, wait...maybe it was 5920...that makes more sense.
  10. Almost everything is in my bag showcase...the l'extravagant isn't, because I haven't taken pics or posted in awhile...and maybe some of the older things that I had before I joined tPF, but probably 95% is some of my med and small bags.
  11. Im going there to look, Im sorry you were sick, glad you are feeling better:smile:
  12. OMG! Your collection is amazing! :drool: I don't know where to start to get to your level :nuts: I guess Houston is the one I like the least. Keep us posted!!
  13. Keep the Cerise keepall, houston framboise, the HG suhali and the Epi old blue. I think those pieces are really special and you shouldn't let them go.
  14. I think you should keep your Holy Grail, plus the Cerise Keepall, Cabas Alto, and Blue Speedy b/c they are all discontinued. You have a gorgeous collection, both LV and not!! Wowsa!
  15. Hi Tink - glad to see you back. I think you were not feeling well? I hope you are better now. As much as I want a chance to get my hands on a framboise houston, it's definitely a useful bag so (ack) you should keep it.
    Start small with the bags that you really haven't used - the Manhattan, and the Alma Voyage PM & GM. You may find that it feels good to clear the space and it gives you the energy and motivation to keep going. That's usually how it starts with me.

    And if you really want to get rid of that framboise .....