My name is Starnova and...

  1. I'm an LV-holic, admitting it is the first step, so how about you?
  2. I'm on the second step since I've already admitted I'm an LV-holic, too. I also admit I may need therapy. :P
  3. Total LV-aholic right here! And welcome to the board!
  4. Hello everyone... My name is Edz and I am also an LV-holic. It ruined my life, my relationships, my career.... all I ever think of is Louis... my sweet sweet Louis. Alright now. What should I get next?

    ...just kidding. It didn't ruin anything except for my bank account and future investments! But seriously, what should I buy next?
  5. lol, I think I need to admit it too. "I am a total LV-Holic" someone stop me! P.S. WELCOME Starnova!
  6. my name is heather and i am currently slightly lv obsessed. lol.
  7. Welcome to the forum!!

    I am definitely in the "denial" stage of the LV addiction!! LOL
  8. Welcome to the forum, you're in good company with us fellow addicts! :idea:
  9. Welcome! I´m addicted and proud!
  10. Me too!
  11. Welcome my new comrade!

    I'm heading to Louis now... this group therapy is not working at all!
  12. Me too ! You are in great company.. this place is so fun and the people are great!
  13. Welcome and enjoy the forum.
  14. Are you sure you are in the right a-holic room? I smell a Hermes avatar:yes:
    Welcome to the other side...:flowers:

  15. starnova.. welcome to the forum and enjoy your addiction lol