My Name is Kristy...& I have a problem...

  1. :nuts:I am now letting my bags out of the closet!:nuts:
    Some collections have been passed down to me from my
    mother & Grandmother...

    ...and some were gifts...

    on the rest I am GOING TO HAVE TO PLEAD THE FIFTH!​
    lv2.jpg IMG_0011.JPG fb1.jpg hg.jpg mm1.jpg IMG_0047.JPG IMG_0046.JPG mm2.jpg
  2. Beautiful!!!
  3. WOOOOOW!! How do you choose which bag to carry??@?@? Great Great collection!
  4. You have some great stuff, thompk!
  5. Holy cow :nuts:
    So many bags... :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  6. I think the only problem you have is the storage space problem!:nuts: Gorgeous collection (esp. vintage Vuitton:love:). Thank you for sharing, Kristy!!!
  7. All I can is Oh My Gosh!!! Amazing!:yahoo:
  8. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  9. HOLY COW!!!! so nice!!! Love everything!!!! Thanks for the pictures!!
  10. Wow!!! That is a great collection!
  11. There are so many. Wonderful collection!
  12. WHOA!

    Such a beautiful collection!!!!:biggrin:
  13. wow, beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Great collection so much variety
  15. hahaha!so true!:P :yes: :roflmfao:
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