My name is Jamie, and I am now a Scarfaholic....*PICCIES!*

  1. I got my 2 coach valentine's scarves yesterday. I can't stop wearing the pink one- it is so much fun and so silky! and the red one is so vibrant- i love them both (sorry, no actual pics of the red one yet)!!! I want more scarves now- I have one other ponytail scarf- the bee print which was at the outlets last summer. I love that one.

    Also, the SA told me the blue scarf print bags would be coming out around Feb 15th, just FYI...

    98119_RED_d2.jpg IMG_0020sm.jpg IMG_0021sm.jpg
  2. It's so pretty!!!
  3. Awww they are both so pretty!!! Congrats!
  4. It is so pretty, I love the hearts in it.
  5. Oooooooooo Very pretty!!! I am considering the red pony for my chocolate Carly
  6. Gorgeous!:tup:
  7. I'm loving the pink scarf on you. Looks great.
  8. I bought 3 scarves today! I love them too! My scarf collection has 8 now!
  9. Beautiful :yes: I had my eye on that pink scarf online until I saw the dimensions.. so now I am eyeing the red one. :graucho:
  10. Cute, cute, cute! So pretty and fem!
  11. thanks all! they are so much fun to wear!
  12. GORGEOUS!!
    I really got to get myself a ponytail scarf. I never knew they were only $38..I expected them to be more. :p ..almost wish they were, KWIM? :graucho:

  13. I picked up the red ponytail scarf this Saturday for DH to give me for V-Day. I just fell in love with it and can't wait to wear it!! I love the pink one, too!!!
  14. Those scarfs are tdf. No wonder you are a scarfaholic.:graucho:
    Thanks for the info on the blue!!!:tup:
  15. Me too! I am on a mission to collect as many ponytail scarves as humanly possible. I just love those things! Yours are beautiful. I have that red one on my bag right now!