My Name Is Earl

  1. DOes anyone watch this show?? i got a hold of season 1 and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. it's actually a really sweet show. now i watch it right before the Office every week. today's episode was very nice too. :yes:
  2. Hi,

    I love My Name Is Earl it's so funny! All the characters are wicked. Jason Lee is a legend.
  3. It was really funny last night. I love all the characters. John Waters was a great character too.
  4. The episode where they are on "Cops" was so funny I almost PMP.
  5. "My Name is Earl" is fantastic!

    Jason Lee is a diamond. Go Banky!!!

  6. Hahah this show is funny! The COPS one was great!
  7. I love this show! It's such a unique concept for a series. The titles of the episodes are the things he's done wrong: White Lie Christmas, Ruined Joy's Wedding . . . .

    I love the means Earl uses to be able to cross someone off his list, and that no matter how messed up things seem to be, Earl manages to make it right in the end.

    Joy: I want half that lotto money, Earl.
    Earl: Yeah? Well, I wanted a legitimate baby and a wife who didn't huff paint on Thanksgiving, but I guess life's full of little disappointments, now ain't it?

    Shelly Stoker: I just can't believe you were marrired to Joy Darville. I haven't thought about how much better I am than her in years!

    Randy: But Catalina, winning this car for Joy is my Christmas present to Earl. This is for family - at Christmas. You know - Feliz Naviblah.
    Catalina: [shaking her head side-to-side] That means nothing.
    Randy: To you, maybe. But to an American it means Christmas in Mexican.

    Catalina: You're going to a farm?
    Earl: Shh, I'm not telling Randy, he's afraid of chickens... and the Pope's big hat, but mainly because he thinks there's a chicken under it.

    Catalina: [in Spanish, appearing as if she were telling Joy off] I want to take this moment to thank our Latino audience for watching. And for those of you who can understand me but who are not Latino, I want to commend you for learning a second language.

    Randy: Are you gonna start helping people who aren't on your list? Cause if you do, we'll never finish it and get back to stealing again.
    Earl: You don't really understand my list, do you, Randy?

    Earl: [To Joy] Oh, and I hear you're wearing underwear again. Good for you.

  8. That is one of our favorite shows-it just cracks me up! Hubby plays tennis on thursday nights and i record it for him now. And, Joy is a hoot!
  9. Joy: Darnell, you better be looking at my boobs when I'm talking about them.

    Randy Hickey: So Catalina, what are you doing for your mother for mother's day?
    Catalina: My mother is dead.
    Randy Hickey: Oh I'm sorry.
    Catalina: Eh, its okay. It was either her or me...

    Catalina: [in Spanish, appearing as if she were telling Joy off] Con esto concluimos nuestra primera temporada de Earl. Estamos muy agradecidos con su acompañamiento y anticipamos verlos el próximo otoño. - This concludes our first season of Earl. We are very grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you next autumn.
    Joy: Blah, blah, blah.

    Catalina: [Catalina has just found out that Earl wants her to dance - jump - to bail Joy out of jail] I will not jump for Joy!

    Catalina: [picks up phone] Nice jumpsuit.
    Joy: Ain't you sweet. Now Earl tells me that for some crazy reason, you think we're not friends!
    Catalina: The first time you saw me you called me a whore.
    Joy: No, you just misunderstood what I said. Which is understandable, I mean because you're Mexican.
    Catalina: I'm not Mexican.
    Joy: Whatever, you speak Mexican.
    Catalina: I speak Spanish.
    Earl: Well you both speak freely, so let's just go with that.
    Catalina: Look, I'm not stupid. I know you hate me. And I know why you hate me. It's because I'm hot.
    Joy: Excuse me?
    Earl: [Rubs eye] Damn it, there goes the eye again.
    Catalina: You're jealous of my hotness. Admit it, and I'll consider using my incredible body to free you from prison. But not the prison of your fat body, for that you have a life sentence.
    Joy: I'm jealous? Sweetheart, I'm about ten times hotter than you. You're a man compared to me.
    Catalina: Really? 'Cause the line on my stomach is from my muscles and not a C-Section scar.
    Joy: That is NOT a C-Section scar! That's from when my prom date stabbed me! I had both my babies naturally!
    Catalina: Then I'm sure your gatito is as saggy as your breasts!
    Joy: [Opens jumpsuit] Do these look saggy to you? I could float half your village across the mighty river with these puppies!
    Catalina: I've heard enough! This was a hell of an apology. Enjoy your jail time. And by the way, your eyeballs are too big for your head. You look like Finding Nemo.
    Joy: My eyeballs are big? Yeah well, all the better to see your fat ass waddle away with!

  10. This is absolutely one of my favorite shows. I have loved it since the first episode and DH is hooked too. It cracks me up every time. I so look forward to my Thursday night Earl/Office evening.
  11. My favorite show! Besides.... The Office, Bewitched, Little House on the Prairie and The Andy Griffith SHow
  12. I love this show, it's hilarious!
  13. Love, love, love this show!! It cracks me up big time. I just wish it didn't come on opposite of Ugly Betty. I have to record it every week.
  14. Hilarious & so inappropriate sometimes!
    Great writers!
  15. I'm a little behind - what's Joy on trial for?