My Muse

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  1. After going back and forth for a while deciding on the size (oversize, large, oversize) and the colour (ivory, patent black, dark brown) of the Muse, I finally settled on the Anthracite, in large.

    I still love the the dark brown in oversize (luscious) and the large patent black (smart). But the Anthracite has completely won me over. It's such a gorgeous pewter (bronze grey) which imo makes the classic looking Muse edgy and chic!

    The hardware is actually silver (the zip is gold though) - somehow it looks more gold in the pics here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I was pleasantly surprised it compliments very nicely with my new YSL grey bow pumps which I bought on a separate occasion.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. I adore your bag,and wow,it does compliment your pumps beautifully!!
  4. gorgeous! maybe i should have gotten the anthracite. what sizes does it come in?
  5. Gorgeous bag and your shoes are stunning too.
  6. I finally debut it today (with those bow pumps). The large is the perfect size for me. It's roomy but not overwhelming, and is great for work. The leather just got slouchier and softer as the day wore on. I am loving it to bits. I can't believe I was worried that I would't love it as much as my Bottega Venetas (which have been my obssessions for the past months).

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. Pretty Muse! I think the anthracite is a great choice. Thanks for posting.
  8. QuirkyCool, karo, Cosmopolitan :thank you!

    wrinkledleather : I'm not sure of the other sizes as YSL Singapore only brought in the large.
  9. the makes me wanna get another muse bag...:drool:
  10. Love love it!! Totally fabulous :tup:
  12. Ms Piggy, your Muse is stunning!! :love:

    I also saw a Large Anthracite Muse in SF two weeks ago and instantly fall in love with it. Unfortunately, I didn't get it because I wasn't sure if the metallic trend will continue.
  13. great bag!
  14. Your bag looks great on you, congrats.
  15. pe66le3506, glitterglo, yslalice, Savannah : Thanks!

    mlbags : You are ever the sweetheart. See you at BV. ;)