My Muse has arrived!!!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. Well the Muse has landed!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: This is SUCH an easy bag to love....I wonder why I thought the pictures made her look difficult and high maintenance?

    The leather is so soft,the metal has a kind of "distressed" look rather than a blingey gold,and I have definitely chosen the right size for me (large.)

    It feels as if I have known her forever...which means she's a GREAT bag and I'll use and love her for a very long time.:biggrin:

    Oh and my doorbell worked again...wonder what's up with that?:wacko:

    I shall have to post pics later...I am recharging the camer batteries (plus I am working on a research project in pj's and I cannot be bothered to change for pics right now:lol: :lol: :lol: )

    Man oh man...the boutique in Berlin was so helpful,and now they've sent me a brochure with other Spring accessories...and I've seen that the Dada shoes come in a lower heeled version too......:love: :shame:
  2. :biggrin: Congratulations! Enjoy your new bag! :smile:
  3. Thank you :smile:

    I'll try to upload the pics when I check for later:biggrin: .
  4. OH!! Congra!! I am completely in love with MUSE right now~
  5. good choice! it can hold tons of things
  6. Congratulations! I totally understand. Its a great bag. I bring mine everywhere. Am sure you would too :smile:
  7. Yay, the wait if over, lol! Congrats!
  8. Congratulations! Look forward to the pics!
  9. Congrats! Can't wait to see picts! Please model the bag!!!!
  10. I'm happy for you. Enjoy!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Woohoo! Congrats QC. Could you please take pics with you carrying her?
  13. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pictures! I love that bag!
  14. Congrats!! :smile:
    I hope you enjoy it! :smile:
  15. Thanks everyone:biggrin: . Here is a piccie of Muse by herself... to follow...Muse with short round person....