My Muse got company: a Rive Gauche

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    most of you probably recall me posting about the Caramel Muse I got. I couldn`t get the RG off my mind, so I went for that one, too and got one on eBay. It`s definitely authentic, in perfect condition and it really feels perfect. The leather is so unbelieably soft!

    Now I just can`t decide whether to keep the Muse or not. I like the colour which is slightly darker than the RG`s, but I think they`re still too similar, although they sort of have a different feel to them.

    Here are pics of the new RG and one of the Muse in comparison:
    RG_01_1200x1200_100KB.jpg RG_02_1200x1200_100KB.jpg RG_03_1200x1200_100KB.jpg Muse_01_1200x1200_100KB.jpg
  2. I love the color!!

  3. congratulations! i think you should keep both! the muse is more structured but the rive gauche is more slouchy.

    i saw an ivory rive gauche at the airport on sunday and it was stunning. the leather looked so buttery.
  4. Wow it's lovely! I think if you really can kep only one, I think I would vote for the RG. It looks like it suits you and just fits, whilst the Muse seems more like a statement bag (not that there is anything wrng with that ;) )
  5. Very nice--I think you should keep both bags!
  6. Lovely pair of bags..they go quite well together. I'd definitely keep both. :tup:
  7. I agree that they're too similar to keep both. I think you should keep the RG, it's a more "manly' bag and the messenger feature is an added bonus.
  8. While both bags look fabulous on you, I think that if you can only keep one, I think you should keep the RG. It seems more versatile and unisex to me. Good luck with your decision!
  9. Congrats on your new RG, it's beautiful! If caramel is your "black" (I noticed the fab shoes, too) then I'd keep both because I know how much you love them and I'd think nothing odd of someone owning both a black RG and black Muse. If you like to wear other leather colors, then my vote would be to switch out the Muse for maybe a black or chocolate one. If you feel like you can only keep one, then definitely stick with the RG. I just think you'll end up using it more and it looks really great on you carried messenger-style which isn't an option with the Muse.
  10. I agree with the others who suggested keeping the RG. The color is TDF, so rich and warm. Maybe get the Muse in a different color, if you def like that style too.

    In any event, congrats on your YSLs!
  11. Def RG over the Muse! Looks great on you!
  12. Both bags look beautiful on you! I do like the RG more because it's more versatile and has downtown slouchy but classic look.
  13. Thanks for all you thoughts, everyone!

    I`m definitely going to keep the RG and will decide whether to keep the Muse for other occasions, to exchange it to another colour or let it go completely in the next weeks.

    As shazam pointed out, all kinds of light brown are my black- the colour that goes with most of my wardrobe.
  14. Totally agree
    I actually really like the structure of the Muse on you - it suits your frame. So if you have to return the Muse now, I think you should definitely consider it again in the future.
  15. The muse has a more feminine look and feel. Keep the RG.