My Muse adventure.I'm in love with this bag.

  1. Hey girls. Thanks for helping me choose between Muse and Bayswater bag. I finally got the oversize chocolate muse:yahoo: but the process to get it was not as smooth as its leather.

    I bought this bag in London. First i went to Selfridges (a big department store) to see both Bayswater and Muse. I have no hesitation between getting these two bag. Muse caught my eyes and my heart. I was sure i would buy one. At that day, Selfridges had a event of embossing your Muse if you bought it from them that day but the color that they had were black and white and patent. Patent was gorgeous but i prefer original leather so i went to another YSL shop in Old bond street. I got it:roflmfao: . My Chocolate oversize bag. I was so thrilled but i ended up finding a big hole from torn stitch in the fablic lining at the bottom of the bag.

    I went to that shop the next day. The SA said that she was terrible sorry. It was in the stock room and just newly arrrived and they have never checked. So she exchanged my bag.

    However, i hope it can be this easy. I went out of the shop and while i was on my way to Harrods. I saw the bag and noticed that it's in black. It was too dark in the shop so it was hard to tell the different between these two colors. I called the SA and she said i can go to another YSL shop near Harrods and change it. I finally went there and changed it. I finally got the perfect oversize chocolate Muse. They treated me quite good plus i'm so happy with Muse ,i didn't get angry eventhough i had to walk around with heavy bag in 33 c temperature.

    I ended up buying another pair of YSL shoes. It was 50%.:roflmfao:

    So girls, check your purchase carefully and don't believe that SA must know things better than you.

    I think it's like any true love ,it never be easy..I'm still so in love with it anyway...

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  2. OH MY GOSH!! What a story!! But a very Happy Ending!! Phew... I was frantically reading hoping for that ending for you! Well, your now XL Chocolate Muse is absolutely GORGEOUS!! It already looks smooshy too!! That is a real beauty. Okay and let's not forget those awesome slides!! They are too cute (and 50% off!! what a deal). It looks like the leather trim is a deep bordeaux color.... Love 'em!! I'm so glad you :heart: your Muse! You deliberated over what to do for quite some time and I'm so happy it all worked out for you!! Thank you for posting the pretty pics too!! CONGRATULATIONS again and :yahoo: !!
  3. LOL I love the story! Your chocolate oversized muse was meant to be...

    Plus, I loveeeee the shoes!
  4. oo:huh:o:huh:oo:huh:o:huh:o:huh:oo it looks s:huh:oo:huh:o:huh: lovely!! :tender: :love: :girlsigh:
    i am one of those who voted Muse! congraaaaaaaaats!! :yahoo:
    its really worth what u've gone through :yes:
    and nice sandals too :upsidedown:
    enjoy ur lovely Muse:flowers:
  5. Thanks everyone.I think this bag is the bag that i had to put the most effort to get but i'm sure it's worth every sweat i had to bear. Now it's time to think about the next one lol..
  6. congrats, so beautiful! :love:
  7. It's gorgeous, congrats!
  8. Yea!! Another XL chocolate Muse lover! I think this bag is really going to be big this fall!
  9. What a story - at least you got there in the end - it is a gorgeous bag :smile:
  10. that bag is worth all the trouble you had to go through isn't it? Love love love it!!!
  11. congrats!
  12. Congrats!!! I just love the Muse too! Glad you went with this rather than the Bayswater.
  13. Oooh pretty pretty!!
  14. Omg! I love it! Now I can't decide b/w the burgundyish Muse or the Choco!! Your bag is GA GA gorgeous! Congrats! great choice.
  15. Omg! I love it! Now I can't decide b/w the burgundyish Muse or the Choco!! Your bag is GA GA gorgeous! Congrats! great choice.:P