My Muscade Arrived!

  1. It arrived yesterday, but it took me awhile to figureout the photo resizing thing...I absolutely love it. It is very pebbly, soft, has beautiful, subtle leather variations, and the color is rich rich rich. It is quite matte looking, but at the same time the color is really deep with warmth if that makes sense. I just want to stick my head right in it. This is my first Chloe so of course I wondered what you all think, plus ...... you are going to think I am very picky and crazy, but because this is my first chloe purchase, there is a very small thread that is kind of sticking out on one of the ends in the stitching pattern. Would anyone worry about this? I just don't want to pull on it, or cut it off or do anything until I hear from you the pros.. I called my SA in NY who is really sweet, but a bit of a language barrier, and I am not sure if she really knew what I meant, but told me that was normal and not to worry about it. I guess I am just paranoid, because it is a lot of money for me to spend on such a bag, and I sure don't want the stitching to come unravelled in a months time. I hope the picture shows it clearly enough. And for those of you uncertain of what the color of Muscade is - I would describe it as a kind of coffee color. You know, if you put a small amount or drop or two of cream in it.
    chloe nutmeg 001 (Small).jpg chloe nutmeg 002 (Small).jpg chloe nutmeg 004 (Small).jpg
  2. Ut oh... i wish i never seen it because I LOVE IT!!!!! :love:

    The color is beautiful!
  3. Is Muscade available on the paddy only?
  4. Very pretty! The color looks as though tan and whiskey had a baby with tan being the dominant gene. If the stitching is bothering you though, you should order another one. $1600 is a lot to spend on a bag if you are 100% satisfied with it!
  5. That color looks fantastic. Congratulations on your purchase. I am not an expert, but, I agree with lordguinny, if you are concerned at all with the stiching I would order another bag. However, if you like the leather in that bag????
  6. Thanks girls...
    This is the problem. I can't personally go to the store and select my own bag. I do like the leather in this bag, and if I just snipped that little extra bit of thread that is hanging off - I wouldn't even know it was there. I am terribly afraid that if I send it back I will be disappointed with it's replacement and be pining over the one I had. I don't know - maybe they are not that different, but from what I have gathered on this forum - they are all very unique. Is it something that would bother any of you? Maybe I am concerned over nothing. This is the first chloe bag I have ever acquired or seen, so I feel like the next one may not measure up - do you know what I mean?
  7. Hi - it is definitely available in other styles, but as I am very new to Chloe - I can't say for sure what the styles are. I believe the Edith, the Tote, and a Bowling? maybe even the Tracy....but I am not sure about the last one.
  8. I think you should keep it then, if you are afraid of what you will get the second time around.

    In regards to Chloe in general, they do not have the best quality control when it comes to little details like a loose thread here or a crooked serial number there. However, the overall durability of the bag is amazing. These things do not simply "fall apart". The overall quality control of the leather and sturdiness of the bag is reliable. It is just annoying that sometimes little things like a loose thread makes you worry about the entire bag.

    But I wouldn't worry.:flowers:
  9. Love the avatar LG!

    As always, you speak the truth, I have a variety of tiny nuisances on my two paddies. But they are clearly quality and breaking in really nicely.

    The muscade is TD4, i:heart:2shop -- any chance you can take that out to the sunlgiht and send us some mores pics? :nuts:

  10. Thanks Lordguinny - that is exactly what I was wanting to hear!
  11. I would be happy to take more photos - this is my new baby! But - it has been really cloudy and raining here the last two days. If we get some sunshine I will be out there snapping away!
  12. I can't wait to see all the subtle colors and undertones of your new baby!! Woohoo!!
  13. ilove2shop, I'm glad you are keeping her. If I loved the leather on a certain Chloe I wouldn't chance sending her back and getting a dud because of a loose thread. I remember ordering two Chloe Ediths at came and was smooshy, pebbly and beautiful. The other one was smooth and stiff. There really can be a huge leather difference between one bag and another. And remember, Chloe looks better as it ages! It becomes very vintage chic. Do take more photos. I would be interested in seeing how muscade looks outdoors.

    hmwe46, thanks for the compliment on my avatar. :shame: I try to mix it up every once and awhile. I am also a big fan of letting people put a face to my threads. It's more personable, ya know. :flowers:
  14. What a beauty! Gorgeous color.
  15. I love it, love it, love it. :love:

    I would not be worried at all about an odd loose thread, its very common!!! :biggrin:

    Congrats. Its a beautiful bag, you should be delighted with it :yes:

    LG, I love your new avatar too, I agree, its great to put a face to the name :smile: