my mums stam chain just broke!

  1. i was wondering if anyone can help me out, my mums chain broke off her stam because she carried too much in it i think and all of a sudden it broke... i dont have the receipt or anything but has this happned to anyone else and can we purchase the chain separately? TIA!
  2. I would email Customer Service on the MJ website... If you click on 'Company' and then 'Contacts' you will see a list of people you can call or send an email by country.
  3. Sep is correct you might want to try contacting MJ. If the bag is older than 18 months though they may not help you.

    Just out of curiosity, what season/year is it? Where did it break? Can you post pictures?
  4. dang! broke??? that's crazy...those are made of brass...that's some tough stuff...
  5. thanks guys for your help, i will email customer service.. i dont have pics now but the clasp bit broke! so its not repairable... it was from last season and i have one thats older than hers and mines fine though!
  6. damn! can u take it to David Jones? They sell MJs and might be able to help (in australia)
  7. mjlover i dont think they will help me out, i didnt buy the bag from DJs, thanks for your help anyway... have emailed MJ and waiting for their reply... thanks everyone for your help!