My mum says Birkin is too inapprpriate for me??

Jul 14, 2010
So for my birthday my mother had asked me what I wanted and so I told her I wanted a Birkin. I didn't even expect her to buy a new one, she has so many of them already that she could pass along to me. She'd said so herself that she has no use for most of them anyway. And then when I asked for a Birkin, she said, "that bag is not appropriate for a girl your age." *note: I'm 18, so it's not even that young...* and it's not like I've never owned a designer bag before, I've received many Chanel from her actually. So I'm confused, is she right? AM I too young for a Birkin?

Lyanna Stark

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Dec 24, 2006
If your mum thinks so, then yes.

1) Because she's your mum. Her rules count in this case.
2) Because it's a gift.
3) No one can stop you if you pay for it with your own money. Even if they think it is inappropriate.


Sep 5, 2007
If your mom is not willing to share, and you really want one, how about buying one with your own money?
I can't tell if it is appropriate or not, it is not up to me, but up to each individual.


Aug 5, 2009
I agree with everyone else. If she's giving you the bag as a gift, she can decide whether or not it's a Birkin. If she thinks you're too young for one, your best bet is to save a few K to get yourself one! ^_^


Jan 10, 2009
Sorry londonshopper, I'm with the majority on this one - I think a Birkin for you would be most inappropriate. Pretentious too, if I'm being honest.

Though for the record, I am supportive of young people having anything they want if they work for the money, save and buy it themselves... Special items obtained this way are often appreciated way more than those that are given. Sure it's harder and takes longer, but that's life. :smile:

Leave some treats for later on!


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Dec 9, 2007
I disagree completely. If you feel comfortable with any item at any age and will treat it respectfully, then I think it is right for you.

However, the caveat is that you actually have to be able to lay hands on said item by honest means. If it's your mum's property and she doesn't think you should have it, there's not much you can do about it; her property, her opinion is the one that matters.

However, there's no reason you can't try to change her mind. Proving your maturity is always a good way to go, and you could always respectfully show her photos of celebs in and around your age with H bags- the Olsen twins and Heidi Montag spring to mind (although Heidi might not be the best comparison you want to draw).

Whatever you do, don't whine at her, or it will only convince her of her convictions that you aren't adult enough to be gifted with such an expensive 'status' item. ...Speaking of which, you might want to ask yourself if you really would feel comfortable with a Birkin. I'm a bit older than you (27) and I know I'm more conscious with my H-bags than Balenciagas or Chanels. Do you really want that sort of attention and responsibility?

If the answer is yes, then perhaps ask if you can borrow one of hers to take to an event you're both going to. That way, she can see that you're not careless with it, and that there isn't a collective gasp of horror when you enter the room at how ghastly and inappropriate it is for you to be carrying it.

Best of luck to both you and your mum with your bag-choosing decisions.


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Jul 14, 2008
i actually don't have an opinion on this londonshopper05. but i chuckled at allanrvj's use of the term matronly. and i can vouch for anez's A+ daughter/mum relationship ;) to the 2 of them.

ok, i came up with an opinion. i agree a good thing would be to try carrying one of your mother's (with her permission of course) and see if you yourself feel comfortable; then if yes, proceed with plan to save for or wish for one of your own.

happy 18th birthday! and many future years as well...


Jul 4, 2008
All I can say is that I am roughly three times your age. And then a little. And if I had bought a birkin at 18, it would be the ONLY thing I would still own that I bought in that era. The rest would be forgotten, aged beyond repair, jettisoned, pathetically out of fashion, or just plain dead.

The outside world will always make pronouncements on what is and is not appropriate. Follow your own path. And create your own style.


Dec 22, 2008
well im 19 so i think its ok for me to post mho lol........

I would love a birkin BUT wont be getting one for many years if ever. I have a chanel bag and some Lv's BUT i worked hard to pay for them and so im enjoying them way more than if they had been handed to me. IMO when you work for something you see the value of the item more. A Birkin is a very pricey item not only is that your mums money/bag BUT tell me honestly........................................... would you really feel safe using it in a taxi, street, school ect???? i often carry a longchamp tote to put my designer bags in when im in an area i dont feel as safe in and or when im on my own. Someone our age with a birkin is asking for trouble IMO. young girls can get hurt and with all the crime out and about today why draw that attention to yourself??? How would you feel if something happened to you with the bag your mum gave you?? Sorry i dont mean to worry you but its the truth and MHO. after all this is a forum for people to post just that lol

maby try asking her for a garden party????


Oct 10, 2008
i am only 22 but I have 2 birkins and my advice is that if ur mom says no and if you dont have the $ yourself then your are out of luck but if you do get one young stick to bright colors or interesting leathers such as ostrich to keep it not dowdy