My Multicolore Wapity: inside, outside, and with a little friend! (hi-res pics)

  1. So yesterday, having made my decision, I exchanged the okapi gm for this darling. It's my birthday gift from my husband. When I showed him my new wapity, he said he hated the okapi anyway! Haha. Wish he'd voiced his opinion in the store, but he says if I like it, that's all that matters. Heh. Well, I LOVE this wapity. And I got a little pal to go with it too!

    Let's start with what fits inside, because I know people ask about that all the time.

    I put my new Blackberry Curve, an Aquaphor lip balm (best lip balm on earth), two credit cards, and two folded bills (in pocket) into my wapity. They fit perfectly, with some wiggle room so things can be taken out easily.

    Click on the pics for huge versions:



  2. But who is the little pal in the teeny tiny box?

  3. Why it's the "replacement" accordeon wallet chain, of course!


  4. :nuts: :nuts:
  5. Clip the chain on to the wapity, then attach the wrist strap to the other end


    Or, just use the chain by itself!

  6. So Cute! Love the visuals of what fits!!
  7. I adore my white mc wapity!!! I used to have it in regular monogram and didn't use it... I think it was just meant to be in the multicolore! cheers!


    Oh and I was charged $45 for the chain. Ask for it in "spare parts" lol
  8. oh my gosh, they are so pretty. And I love the chain. so it is $45 original?
  9. so adorable! i love my mc wapity...congrats!
  10. Oh Jane that is so cute, and the lil' "spare part" is so darling for the wapity. Hmm, I wonder if I could find that on the website. Do you know off hand what the length is on that chain?
  11. wow - you have alot of stuff inside that cute little bag.
  12. Because it's technically a replacement item, you can't buy it on the web site. You have to ask for it in a store or call 866 and hope they know what you're talking about. It doesn't even have an item number.

    This chain can be used for other items too, as decoration for a bag, or on a pochette accessoire, or even as a bracelet!
  13. And the chain is about thirteen inches long.
  14. Looks great!
  15. Oh, I love this!! Thanks for posting so many pictures! I like the look of the wapity with the gold chain