My Mulberry Tooled Bayswater in Oak Arrived Today! YAY!!!

  1. I ordered the Mulberry Tooled Bayswater in Oak online from Mulberry on Monday. I did have a dilemma on which color, either Oak or Choc - in the end I chose Oak... and I was a bit sceptical having not seen the bag IRL before... I was expecting the worst. It is the 1st time I have ever bought a bag off the net (except a bad experience on ebay and I vowed never again for ebay). I did think that I would end up sending it back.

    Well it arrived today and I nearly ran home after work to have a look. Eagerly tearing the tape off the box and praying... OH MY GOD! It is sooo gorgeous! I couldn't believe it. The leather is beautiful and it is a lovely bag. Big yet not too big, and not heavy at all.

    Only thing is - it says its made in China???

    Ladies who have the same bag / or other Mulberry Bayswater what does yours say?

    Oh here is a pic of it (I took it from ebay) I havent had time to take pics with my camera yet.
  2. I`m glad you love your bag, isn`t the tooled bag gorgeous ??!!

    Mine says Made in China too, this is quite normal for the special run bags !
    I asked Mulberry & they do send some items to be finished overseas. they are expanding the UK factory to make more here in the future.

    I think the tooled Bayswater is :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :yes:
  3. **Sigh** I love that bag! I wish I could find it somewhere. Congratulations! It's gorgeous :biggrin:
  4. has it - they only have it in nude - but it's on sale for $585 - down from $1195
  5. congrats... it is beautiful
  6. Wow, love the color. Congrats:smile:
  7. Your bayswater is beautiful...the color is TDF! I love the detail on it! I have a mulberry tassel satchel and it is made in Turkey. I didn't realize their bags were made in different places. Interesting...
  8. Lovely color! Congrats on a great purchase!
  9. Nice bag! And the colour is beautiful - and it will be even better with time & wear. Congrats!
  10. congrats.great bag, and beautiful colour too.
    i have a rosemary, and it also says made in china. i was slightly worried at first but i bought it off LVR, so i kinda shrugged it off.
    anyway the quality of the leather and the stiches, etc so far are all holding out great...
  11. How can i find the origin tag in my tooled bayswater? how come I couldn't find it? haha am i blind??
  12. Its inside the bag on a black tag, right hand side. It should be there. Let us know if you find it, and where yours is made!
  13. OMG can you believe the Mulberry Tooled Bayswater in Oak is his favourite bag out of all others I own? (Today is the 1st time he has seen it)

    He thinks its even nicer than my Prada's and Chanel Jumbo classic flap in caviar!
  14. Thanks, soph! Finally I found it! yeah mine is made in china too ...

    congrats! ya i also think tooled bayswater is much much much more nicer than your prada & chanel :P

    Mulberry rocks! i love their quality bags so so much!!
  15. congrats.. thats a pretty bag..