My Mulberry sale purchase

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  1. Here is my sale bag , been wanting one of these for ages and decided to go with black .
    It's the large Bayswater . I'm all wrapped up today in my oversize MM alpaca fur coat as it's been snowing.

    Also pic of my new Bottega Veneta
    rsz_1DSC01467.jpg rsz_DSC01456.jpg
  2. Great bags! I love them both.
    I know you've been wanting the large Bays for ages. Love it with the hanging initials.
    The BV looks scrumptuous too.
    Gosh, your hair has got long, you look v glam.
  3. Lovely! I just knew after seeing me looking so fabulous with my black bays you'd go for the black :P love your initial hanging letters too.

    Looks stunning against the white coat too, very wintery Edinburgh chic!
  4. Gorgeous, another beautiful buy Flossie, congratulations, it will be so useful for overnighters.

    You always look so glam Flossie, don't know how you do it really!
  5. Gorgeous bags Flossie and glam as always!!!
  6. lovely as always!
  7. SJ , OD , Jo , Maple and Rachie , thanks a lot , I'm pleased with my haul !
    Daisy you're right , you looked so lovely with that bays , you were my inspiration to go with the black .
    The bronze letters were hanging on my vanilla bays just changed them over to give a bit of detail.
    SJ , yes my hair grows quick . I'm due a visit , I haven't had it cut since November. I keep it longer in the winter's as it's freezing here . Bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  8. Very Glam

    ..I had exactly the same Bottega veneta bag in Black.
  9. Congrats, great bag Flossie! Glad you went for this one - IMHO I really do think this is a better size for a laydeee than the Piccadilly, and fantastic to get it in the sale :yahoo:Looks fab on you.
  10. Flossie - love the bags! I love the handle of the BV, but where are the shoes????? lemme see!
  11. Thanks Taz , Aly and K .
    Taz , what did you think of your BV ? This is my first one .
    Aly , You're right , this size is so much better . Remember the Maxi Mabel in pebble I tried in the Summer . My DH saw pics of that the other day on the PC and he said "that bag's far too big on you " luckily it went back !
    K , I will add a few more pics of the shoes etc this week , promise !
  12. Very lovely but I must say that I do like the Bayswater best (for being a Mulberry and for being black).
  13. Bottega Veneta...what can I say, its one of the best (IMP)

    I would so love to have a classic Veneta :drool: (I need to get saving)

    ...I returned my BV as it didn`t work for me, in Black :tdown:...yours looks lovely in the white xx
  14. ^^ I don't know anything about BV but youre is really nice and classic looking, looks like it would work well for both winter and summer outfits.

  15. Taz - I would agree. Don't think I would care for that bag in black, either.

    I need to take a couple of pics of my Baltic veneta. With Jack, of course.
    My kitty was snoozing on the Campana yesterday and I almost had a stroke!
    Anyway, back to topic. Black Bays can't be beat! Lovely!