My Mulberry Family

  1. I've finally have my own collection. :graucho:They are : Blenheim but I don't know what is this leather called. It's somewhat like patent. :confused1: Roxanne in Darwin Oak. Bettany in purple. I'm still searching for a Darwin Oak or chocolate Emmy to complete my collection.:drool:
    DSC_5655.JPG DSC_5454.JPG DSC_5650.JPG
  2. gorgeous collection. Congrats :smile:
  3. Lovely collection :drool: Love your Roxanne in particular.
  4. Very nice collection
  5. Beautiful! What a pretty shade of purple.
  6. Beautiful bags. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Very nice collection, love the purple!
  8. Lovely collection! The purple is fab!
  9. Thanks all for your compliments!:heart: I realised the leather for my Blenheim is called Antique Glace.:p I've just won a Chocolate Emmy,:nuts: finally got my Holy Grail Mulberry! :yahoo:Will be posting pictures when she arrives. As an added bonus, I may pose with all my bags. Will keep you posted!:love:
  10. great can't wait to see the've got some lovely varied bags!!!
  11. GORGEOUS bags - which is your favourite & which do you tend to use most? I love the purple - such a pretty colour.:tup:

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I'm using both the Roxanne and the Blenheim. I've yet to use the Bettany as it is so gorgeous looking and am trying to find an occasion to use her. So far have not seen anyone here having this baby nor is it found on eBay. I bought them directly from Mulberry boutique in my country. Thought I can stop my Mulberry addiction after getting an Emmy. Now I'm lemming after an Alana....hmmmm.
  13. I so love your purple mulberry , its gorgeous-I`ve never seen this bag before is this old Mulberry or new season??
  14. Hi taraholmes, I was surprised that nobody seems to have this Bettany. I've been told that this bag has been discontinued. I didn't get to read the label tag thoroughly before making the purchase and it had been torn off by the sales staff at the Mulberry boutique for their retention. But I guess should be a few seasons old or maybe from 2006 A/W collection? Yes, the color and the style was what attracted me in acquiring this gorgeous baby. I'm so proud now that I'm one of the 'few' to own it!!:graucho:
  15. :yahoo:Finally an update of my entire Mulberry family. Hope you enjoy the visuals (pics). Oops, sorry but I've yet to doll myself up to pose for them. But I definitely will do so.:okay:;)

    Oh, by the way, a special mention to a lovely eBay seller who's also a member of tpf. She sold me the Chocolate Emmy and was so kind and gracious to wait so long for me to transfer the funds to her. I have an unconfirmed paypal shipping address and this caused so much inconvenience but I was glad I perservered to get this beauty. GXXMXX, Thanks so much for your patience and I really really love the key ring as a gift which you shouldn't have!!:heart: I have attached it to the Emmy!!:love:

    My Mulberry collection is more or less complete.....but only for the year 2007. Haha~!:upsidedown:

    OK I still owe you ladies here my modelling check back for updates!:p
    DSC_6870.JPG DSC_6868.JPG DSC_6863.JPG DSC_6862.JPG