My mulberry bag is broken :o(

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  1. Was wondering if anybody could help me???

    My Mulberry Emmy bag has broken, the main fastener has come off so I cannot shut the bag properly, all the other fastenings are fine, I still have the bit that has dropped off and have tried pushing it back in but I know it will fall off.

    I have had the bag for about 3 years though now, so I assume Mulberry won't repair it as they no longer even stock the Emmy style, is it worth trying to glue this back on or shall I just not bother?

    Hope someone can help
  2. They will repair it if that is possible but they will charge you a fee as you have owned it for more than 12 months.
  3. o ok thanks jenova, do I have to take it back to where i bought it from as i bought it in london or can i just take it in to any mulberry shop or house of fraser?
  4. You can take it back to any Mulberry store or concession .. or you can send it directly to Mulberry yourself for repair. You should do this using registered delivery though .. not just normal post or recorded.

    Their repairs generally do not cost a huge amount .. so fingers crossed it wont be too painful moneywise!!
  5. awwww thanks I will take it in to hof at some point this week and see
  6. a friend of mine's dog ate (yes, you read right) the two buckles off her bag

    i emailed on her behalf and mulberry said it was only about £25 per buckle
    very reasonable, i cant imagine the clasp would be too scary a cost
  7. i had to replace a buckle and a stud on my roxanne
    total cost was around £35 IIRC
    i dropped it off at mulberry bond st and picked it up about 3-4 weeks later