My mother's Oxford

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  1. So here, finally, some pics of the Oxford that I ordered from the sale as a xmas pressie for my mum (she chose it herself, but hasn't seen it yet):


  2. Yay- hope she loves it!! Could you convince her to do some modelling pics???:yahoo:
  3. Looks so smooshy!:love:
  4. I'm sure she'll love it. What a nice daughter you are!
  5. oooo looks scrummy and smooshy.
  6. Hope when my daughter is older she buys me mulberry bags as a prensent!

    Its lush
  7. Same here!! But I fear Sophie will just nick all mine!!!

    But that was so thoughtful of you Polaremil!!! You are such a sweetheart!!! And before Sarajane dives in lol!!!! Pics on ref thread please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I've been takin lessons from SJ!!xx)
  8. Love the bag ! Wish my DD would buy me a bag. She just calls me one!:crybaby:

    Looks very comfy and squishy:heart::heart:
  9. very nice, soft n squishy leather. m sure your mum will love it, a very good choice. :smile:
  10. Thanks everybody for your kind comments. It really is very squishy and soft. My only worry is whether my mum will find it too precious. This is definitely not a rainy weather bag, and it's almost constantly raining here now. Furthermore, the bag doesn't have studs, so it's should definitely not be kept on the floor, even at home, I think.

    But the colour will go with her clothes very well (on my screen it looked like tan but I trusted the name), and it fits a wallet, a book and some more, and it has pockets on the outside, all as per her wishes. The funny thing was that when we looked at the site together, I realized we had quite similar tastes, which I hadn't expected at all.

    I'll see my mum in a couple of weeks time and report back. I daren't ask her to model. Maybe I'll model it myself to give you an idea of the size.
  11. :tup: That would be great! Really hope she likes it. Could it be sprayed with anything for added protection - especialy the base?