My Mother's Day flower, a Desert Rose (Med. Cervo Loop)

  1. I saw on the "What BV is tempting you?" thread that there are some questions about the new Medium Cervo Loop. I received one on Mother's Day from DH and my boys. In Desert Rose.

    I didn't post it sooner because I was waiting to get better pics. This is the only one I have so far because I've worn it only twice. Been thoroughly enjoying my Geranium bag.

    In this pic, the color looks washed out in the bright sunlight. It's really a tad pinker. I will get better pics later.

    @ksuromax mentioned this bag's drop and how it might prevent one from just reaching in with the straps still on the shoulder. She's right. You have to take the bag off to get something out.

    I love the size because it's more proportionate to my frame. I love the original large size, too, of course! I like having both sizes in my collection.

    The Desert Rose is so elegant, a very subtle pink. I really like Dusty Rose as well, but Desert Rose is more my kind of pink.

    I saw the Denim bag, too. Gorgeous!

  2. Congrats! The bag is beautiful, great color and size. I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences with it .
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  3. Looks lovely. Enjoy that beauty!
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  4. Another pretty feminine bag for you!
    Congrats. :flowers:
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  5. Lovely bag and such a great family you have!!!!
    Enjoy and please, do let us know how you feel and like it!!!
    Looks really gentle and feminine in this pastel pink! :tup:
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  6. Lovely! Thanks for the review!
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  7. Gorgeous and wonderful gift from your family! The size looks wonderful and just right. I look forward to hearing your experience with it too.
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  8. The color reminded me of some of the current shades of blush that are popular in clothing right now. I liked the softness of the color shade, too. Yours looks lovely riding shotgun in the car.
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  9. Wore my Desert Rose this weekend. The new medium size is so easy and comfortable to wear. I do like how it sits higher and tighter than the large size.

    The second photo shows the true color best---a subtle blush pink.
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  10. Taking a break from shopping
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  12. Looks great!!!
    May i ask how tall you are?
  13. Feels great, too! It's my second cervo bag, and it's now my all-time favorite leather. I like to hold the bag close to my face and take deep breaths in, lol.

    I am 5'4", 162.5 cm.
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  14. welcome to the club!! Cervo (BV in particular) is the best leather ever, imho
    thanks, i am almost the same, 164 cm
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  15. Cervo is my favourite too and yes, that intoxicating smell. I think this size fits you perfectly. The color is also a fab neutral.
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