My Mother's Christmas

  1. I know very well that it's early, but this bag has to come out of my own pocket!
    I want to get my mother a Coach purse for Christmas, but I really don't know what's "better". I know she loves pockets and can only wear black purses. She really dosn't need a tote(that's just too big for her). A medium bag would be good.
    I kept using this site( as a guide, but I still can't find anything good because looking at it on the net isn't as good as getting a recomendation from an actual person. Thanks so much!
  2. how about the legacy shoulder bag (but in black)? It has a front turnlock pocket, an open pocket on the back, and a zip pocket and two other pockets on the inside :smile: Plus, its beautiffuulll!

  3. You cant go wrong with a medium chocolate brown carly! My mom was just asking me tonight if she can borrow mine!
  4. What about the Hampton's sig hobo in black? Its a medium bag with a back slip pocket, inside zip, cell and multifunction pockets. It is a more reasonable Coach at $258 and very cute!

  5. If you'd rather buy leather....the Chelsea small hobo in black is another great option. It holds a ton for its smaller size. This one is $218.