My mother the crazy Russian lady

  1. ok, so we had the "my co-workers thinks my Birkins are plain" thread, but what about family members and other close ones?
    my mother, as much as she is fashionable and loves designer things [she loves Chanel tweed and Roger Vivier shoes and Comme Des Garcons], just does NOT like my Birkin. in fact, when she first saw it i said,
    "isnt the leather amazing??"
    and she said, "sure- it's pigskin, right?" :push:
    i said, "'s Clemence!" and she shrugged in a, "whatever" manner. i said "isn't it gorgeous!?"
    she said, "yeah, not my style."
    "doesn't it just look rich?"
    "yes. but it's just not me"

    when i wore it open around her she would say, "oh, ella, the bag looks so cheap that way. like you are some kind of homeless lady."

    "mother, many people wear their bag this way- it is easier to get in and out of."

    "well, it looks silly. i think it makes the bag look worse."

    so, out of curiousity, i close it and ask her what she thinks now.

    "better. but still, just not my style."
    (who asked you!?? :yucky:)

    so, i guess i'm not lucky as some of you are to inherit an amazing H collection from my mother. :crybaby:

    i should also tell you that one of my best friends was DYING to see what bag i spent 5 figures on. upon seeing it he said, "well, it's plain. smells like the inside of my BMW, though. cute"
  2. E, you crack me up!
    Mothers will always be mothers and we as their daughters will always be their daughters, regardless of how old we are and how far we have come in life.... Some things just never change. Give your mother a big smoochie!
  3. Sounds like my mom! She loves designer too but she refuses to spend money on Hermes. She would rather spend it on bling-bling! When I carry my Birkin, she tells me that I am carrying a bag that is equivalent to so and so - lol!!!
  4. That's priceless!
  5. hey, show her a pic of the bolide and see what she thinks. i'd like to know if it passes the "crazy russian lady" test.
    my mom was quite supportive of my bolide interest - well, not of spending 5k+ on a purse, but when i told her that i had swapped my allegiance from a kelly to a bolide, she then said, "oh, i like that one much better, the shape is nicer." whatever. lol
    she has always been very complimentary about my one h bag, thinks it beautiful.
  6. Funny story. You gotta heart moms:heart: The first time I pulled mine out to go with my mom to the grocery store she said "Why are you bringing your overnight bag" :roflmfao: :roflmfao: (with a smirk and then long laugh afterwards)
  7. Hilarious Croissant--glad to have you back btw!
  8. That's so funny! DH said that Clemence smells like the inside of our BMW...and it does. LOL *sigh* whenever there are disagreements with family over style just tell them...well at least *someone* in this family has good taste. ;)
  9. Thanks everyone!! Actually, HH, she likes Kelly bags [go figure] and she loves the Paris Bombay PM!
  10. oh, now i've got to know what she thinks of the bolide - am i asking for trouble? :push: lol
    i can totally understand why she would like the kelly - that's not a mystery.
  11. That's adorable! My mom always tries to steal my Kelly, so I plan to give it to her one of these days.
  12. Fabulous, Croissant!!!!!! I'm a Mom to a teen and I can't tell you how many times I have to bite my tongue! Can't WAIT until she's older so I can REALLY tell her what I think!!!!!
  13. shopmom- hopefully she'll inherit your taste and you won't have to tell her a thing!
    HH- for my birthday we will see each other and hopefully i can drag her to Hermes for a little shopping. if i can snag a Bolide out of it you'll have your answer right there as she will never get me anything she doesn't like herself.
  14. my mom likes my Hermes shoes, which i'll eventually give her. they are just a bit too snug on me.
  15. CB thats hysterical! i guess they really do. yeah, thats what i tell my mom. i say "well, at least if i ever have a kid she will be happy with my fashion will"