My mother said the funniest/most awful thing...

  1. Hi! I've been a member of TPF for awhile now, but I tend to be more of a lurker than a contributer. However, I just had to post this because I know only my fellow TPF members can appreciate this.

    I'm usually pretty devoted to Louis Vuitton, but recently have become obsessed with the Miu Miu Coffer in prugna. In fact, I received my new Coffer earlier this week from Net-a-porter.

    Let me just say that I absolutely adore this purse! The leather is so soft, the color is amazing, the two front pockets are the perfect size, and it's just overall the perfect bag. At first I thought it might be a little big for me, but I've been carrying it for three days and I just keep falling more and more in love with it.

    That being said, my mother came up earlier today from Dallas for a visit. When I asked her opinion on my Coffer, she stated - and I quote - that it was the "ugliest purse she had ever seen." :shocked:

    I just think it's funny that two people can have such different opinions about what constitutes a great handbag. To me the Coffer is the perfect, most beautiful handbag, well worth the $1,445.00. Whereas, to my mom (who has no idea, nor will I ever inform her, what this purse costs), she wouldn't touch the bag with a 10' pole.

    I don't know, I just thought it was funny. I mean, here I am, walking around feeling so great carrying my awesome new purse, and then she says...that.
  2. I love how some people can be so blunt.

    Although I have to disagree! I'm not a huge fan of Prada, but I do LOVE that bag. And the color is just the cherry on top. Wear it well - it's a killer bag!!
  3. Ha!!! Good one!!! That bag is lovely!!!! I just love that color!!! You keep smiling when you wear that girl!!!!! Congrats!!
  4. Sometimes it's just a generational thing, too. Some mothers are kind of lagging behind a bit, re: what is current.
  5. Your coffer is TDF!!!!!!! Lol.. maybe it's just not your mom's style.. anyway, I love the color of your coffer!! :nuts:
  6. I just love the Coffer in that color. Yours are the best pics I've seen of it so far. It does look like an ultra rich burgundy color!

    My DH shows an interest my handbag obsession and even HE has developed some pretty strong opinions about bag styles. I love the Coffer and the Gauffre, but he hates it!!! Sooooo, considering we share the same house I'll defer to his dislike. There are plenty of other bags out there he does like, so it's all in my favor. :graucho:
  7. I agree with a couple of the comments:
    - My mother is old-world and doesn't know anything about designers; and
    - Your pictures are the best so far - I like the first one on top of the purple ottoman(?) !
  8. love your bag!!!! enjoy it!!
  9. I am completely dying for a prugna coffer but alas, have to wait!:sad:

    congrats on your stunning bag and yes, it's funny how two people can have two completely diff viewpoints. that's also what makes tPF so great!
  10. My mother LOVES every handbag she's ever seen me with, but she's bought me a few Coach bags to try to steer me in that direction. In her mind, Coach can do no wrong.

    However, many is the bag that is sitting on my dresser for DH to look up and go OMG that bag is ugly!/looks depressed!/ looks like Wilma Rubble's bag! :rolleyes:
  11. LOL..I love it!congrats!
    My 11 year old tells me some of my fave bags are ugly...JUST to push my buttons when she isnt getting her way here...LMAO..I just ignore.As long as u LOVE it ...who cares!!!!!!!!
  12. I love it when opinions differ!
    Thank God they do, otherwise we'd all be carrying the same bag ..... YIKES!
    Enjoy it, carry it ........... LOVE IT, it's beautiful!!
  13. i agree 100%.

    i love the bag.
  14. I just saw one of these yesterday at NM. It was absolutely gorgeous. The leather is soooo soft and the color so rich. It was HUGE though -- does it come in different sizes?