My mother offered to get me a puppy for Christmas!

  1. I have to see about vet costs and stuff, but AHHHH! I'd love either a Yorkie or a Bichon Frise.

    (And I'd REALLY like it if that particular breed gets along with cats . . . I don't want my dog and Louis and Willie killing each other!)
  2. wow that's very nice of your mom! :tender:

    my mom doesn't like dogs. so.. i dont think she'd be offering to get me one in the near future. :crybaby:
  3. I have a bichon! She's 7 and I love her to death!
  4. Well, I'm moving to Toronto, and it was brought up that my neighborhood is a great place for dog-walking. It's a great way to meet people, and my apartment building allows dogs.

    I wanted to get a dog at some point in my life and if things work out, I just might be getting a dog earlier than I thought.
  5. I think bichons have a great disposition. They are always happy and exploring. That smile always makes me melt.

  6. Man, when I read that, I read something like "And I'd REALLY like it if it breeds along with cats"
    ... its really time for bed :shame:
  7. Haha! First of all, both of my cats are neutred.

    What I meant was, I'm moving out and leaving my two cats at home. I'd like the idea of my dog and my cats get along, because when I bring my dog home for family visits, I don't want to have to keep breaking up any fights.
  8. Haha! First of all, both my cats are neutered.

    What I meant by that was, I'm moving to my new apartment in Toronto and leaving my cats at home. My parents want to get me a puppy for my apartment. I don't want to be breaking up any fights when I bring my puppy home for family visits.
  9. DAMMIT! Double post, sorry!
  10. thats really sweet of your mom. DH got us our frenchie for christmas a year a go.
  11. i have not seen a bichon. can you post a pic?
  12. Aww I wish I could have a puppy! I can't because of my dad's allergies. =/
  13. i have really bad allergies, but short haired dogs do not bother me.