*my Mother In Law Did Something Horrible To Me*

  1. I am soooooo FURIOUS at the moment :cursing: (and i've been like this for the past 3 hours or so) that I can barely sit still. We took my children to my mother in laws so she could see them for a while today and as I was on my way out to the mall (i was taking my sister prom shopping) i told her "make sure u dont cut his hair"...(she is devoutly religious along with her husband and they think my son is not a good example for their kids because he has long hair and wears baby band shirts and skate shoes....)my son's hair was long and curly (like mini Jim Morrison hair) and we worked so hard to keep it maintained and it was his best feauture. (He got sooooo many compliments because of his hair) anyways, my husband texts messages me a few hours later to tell me that while he was upstairs with his brother, his mom got a hold of my son and cut his hair. And not just a little trim. THE WHOLE THING!!! :cursing: All his curls and everything....I stopped and cried in the middle of the mall.:crybaby: People were looking at me like I was crazy but it's the fact that she did what SHE wanted with MY child after I told her not too!! She and her husband do not allow me and or my DH to even think about influencing her kids but with mine she thinks she can do whatever she wants. And then when I come home I start bawling again after I saw him and she snapped at me and said "It's just hair, it will grow back. He had alot of knots and glue in his hair." (he didnt. I think i know how to take care of my son's hair.) then she said "I told George (my dh) that u would be mad but im sorry. I already cut it. It's nothing to cry about." OMG!!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    And at that moment my parents who are on vacation call me to see how everything is going (they loved his long hair and my dad refused to even let my mother in law near his hair when he was here....) and i told them in between tears and they were sooooooooooo mad. My dad wanted to call my mother in law and beyotch her out from mexico but i calmed him down. They told me what makes them mad is that she did something i told her not too. And I know it wasnt a mistake because right before I left to the mall she started "joking" around about how she was gonna cut off all his hair.

    Sorry for this loooooooong rant but Im sooooo frustrated...any advice as to how to deal with this would be wonderful.

    Here are some pics so u can see the difference my horrible mother in law did.


  2. Omg, I love your baby's original hair! He's so cute with all the curls and all, but he still looks cute right now (2nd photo). I'm sorry to hear what your MIL have done to your baby. That's disrespectful of how she just went ahead and cut his hair even when you specifically told her not to.
  3. How disrespectful! I would've been like

    Tell her how uncool that was. And don't leave her alone with him for a while.

    (He still looks cute! Maybe just gel his hair until it grows back.)
  4. I think your baby is so adorable before and after!!!!!

    She disrespected you and I would sit her down and have a talk. This is not acceptable and she needs to know where her place is. She is not the mother of your child and no means no. Hope you can resolve this.
  5. OMG... the nerve of your MIL!! I know I would have been furious!! She's not well that woman! I would have put her in her place that woman!!
  6. I would cut her off from him for a while. I know it sounds harsh but she is OBVIOUSLY having some sort of power pay over YOUR children. They are YOURS and NOT HERS and she needs to realize that. Also, your DH needs to step up and make sure that she knows he also felt it was out-of-line!
  7. He is still adorable....but so not the point....completely inappropriate! I would be furious too!
  8. He really looked nice with the long hair, but he's still cute, and although it's annoying now, it will grow out again in no time :smile:

    Edit: And I would be furious with the MIL. It's your kid, and if she did something you told her not to and she still did it, you have every right to be mad. Seriosuly, just tell her to respect your wishes about your son.

  9. I already told my DH that we WILL NOT be going to her house for atleast the next 2-3 weeks. (We were going about once a week.) I know it's bad and all but i'm just so angry at her. I totally agree with you Syntagma and I feel that this is the only way she will figure out that if she wants to continue to be involved in the kids life she has to get along with me. And that means respecting what I say when it comes to my children.
  10. aww... i'm so sorry about your MIL! i think your baby is still adorable, even after the haircut... but it's completely wrong of her to cut his hair when she knew she didn't have permission to. i agree with Syntagma, though... cut her off for awhile, and maybe she'll get the point.
  11. And what did your spouse, her son, say to her? He needs to talk to her as well and set limits, they cannot only come from you. It has to be a team effort or else you will be the big mean bitc* in her view.
  12. WORD! Good LUCK!
  13. She is completely out of line! He is YOUR child! She is substituting her judgement & religion for yours about HAIR?!?! That is completely WRONG, bizarre & scary.

    If it were me I would have absoloutely FLIPPED OUT! And I can tell you right now if I chose for MY son to EVER be in her presence again it would only be SUPERVISED & I would NEVER let her forget that she put HER hands on my child!

    IMO She is DEAD WRONG! I would be LIVID! I'm livid on your behalf right now.

    That woman needs to be put her place! What she REALLY needs is for you or your DH to rip her a new a**hole! Excuse my language but where in the world does she get off doing this!

    On the positive side, your son is beautiful & his hair will grow back.

    But, I think I hate your MIL.
  14. ^^LoL....i TOTALLY agree with u about ripping a new ahole! :-]]

    I am also tired of being judged by her because we're not living the same religious as she is. She and her husband see anything "rock and roll" and long hair as devil's work and i bet inside sh'es probably feeling good about what she did.

    My DH told me that he screamed at her and told her "how dare she" but the woman is meeeean and didnt even feel anything. And she WILL NOT be allowed to watch my son alone for a loooooong time.
  15. By the way, how is your son? Doing this to a child can actually be pretty traumatic and scary, especially if he is aware that his hair is nice and people make comments. She sounds like a nutter and perhaps for the sake of your child you should stay away, cause God knows what she will do next time.