My mother bought me Chanel earrings for Christmas :) :) :)

  1. I can post pictures later but they are the new little dangly CC ones that come in a color. She bought me the dark purple ones but I really wanna see the red ones at the store. She said I can go look and if I want to exchange them I can. But oh my god they are suuuuper cute!!! :yahoo: I guess they come in black, red, turquoise, and purple. Only the CC front part is color. The rest is a brushed gold.
  2. They sound super cute!Congrats and Happy Holidays!:smile:
  3. Merry Christmas! Can't wait to see pics! The earrings sound adorable.
  4. Oooo, congrats! They sound very nice. :tup: Please share pics with us. :yes:
  5. aww, congrats!!
  6. The earings sound really pretty, Congrats!
  7. ooh congrats! They sound lovely!! Can't wait to see pictures!
  8. wonderful....ur mom is so sweet!

    Love to see pics of ur lovely earrings!
  9. I will post pictures tonight of the purple ones I got. If I exchange them for the red ones it wouldn't be till this weekend because I had to go back to work today, and tomorrow....and Friday :sad: Sucks! But yeah I'll try and post them tonight!!!!
  10. Congrats!!
  11. Love to see your pics!
    Congrats and enjoy!
  12. congrats!
  13. I saw them yesterday at the store. Super cute! Definitely post a pic..I want to drop a hint to the hubby!
  14. Can't wait to see pics!! :drool:
  15. wow, congrats !!!!!!