My Motard Pochette

  1. Finally was able to get to the store to get my motard pochette ...I am usually not a huge fan of the pochette but this is larger than a standard one..the leather is very different from my klara and stratus. I tried the strap as a waist belt but it needs another hole in it to stay all I wish for is it to be winter....far too hot here today:yucky: I had to take the photos with my MBP.

    MyPicture_2.jpg MyPicture_2_2.jpg
  2. Beautiful~~ so jealous!!! ;)
  3. very nice ... saw it in the boutique yesterday ... she's gorgeous! congrats!
  4. So lucky! Beautiful bag! Congratz!
  5. yay :yahoo: congrats it's stunning you are getting into the black bag spirit, and the belt strap looks good too:tup:
  6. such a great bag!!! congrats!
  7. I LOVE IT!!!!! very chic S :tup: love this bag and the belt too. great with that LBD... all it needs is the Mirror Flower brooch :yes: CONGRATS!
  8. Congrats!!! I have it too and Love it!!! Enjoy... it looks great on you!
  9. c'est chic!
  10. Beautiful, beautiful!! Congratulations!
  11. look great on u ! beautiful !
  12. love it!! congrats!!
  13. [​IMG]:woohoo::tup:
    Congrats Shalomjude glad they finally got it for you!!!!! Look at both of them:love: You have great taste my friend:heart:
  14. Congrats on your new bag. :tup:

    Love both of them.
  15. Looks Fabulous love the strap belt, not too late this time too I know you always have to wait ages for the bags to get there