My most expensive purchase ever!

  1. I think everyone knows what I'm talking about:

    Pics to come soon... :p
  2. :nuts:you're killing me!!!:noggin:

    :graucho:pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics pics :graucho:!!
  3. HUUUUHHHHH???? SOOOOOONNNN?????? I hate this!! I hate surprises!!!!
  4. This dress wasn't the exact one I wanted (with the black, red, white colour block) but it is the same dress in silk with shorter sleeves and has the cruise season's leopard print in black and white with a splash of yellow. The back is amazing! I love the bamboo detail and all the little details on the dress, and it fits very well. Though I prefer the black, red, white one more, I still really like this one. The SA said that that dress was unavailable in the whole of HK and that by the time it would arrive here, they would've started selling the s/s collection!

    However, at $24,160 HK (roughly $3000 US!) this dress was the most expensive purchase I have ever made and the value of all my Gucci items added together still doesn't cover the price of the dress! I will need to stop purchasing for a long time, which is so much easier said than done... Hmm, but I'm eyeing the Gucci page pumps, they go so well with the dress! :drool:

    When I walked out of the boutique, I couldn't imagine that I had spent that much money! Oh, and my address got registered, so hopefully I'll be getting catalogs! The SA told me that you had to purchase $150,000 HKD worth of items to qualify for Gucci VIP status and VIPs can enjoy 10% off for all brands under the Gucci Group...

    But the dress is still quite classic... is it? I have an event to go to on 14th Dec and would love to wear this dress, but I'm not actually sure if I should return it and wait for the colour block or keep it. This version is actually more expensive, at $24,160 compared to the $20,500 colour block one.

    Ok, now for the pics:
    DSC01634.JPG DSC01636.JPG DSC01639.JPG
  5. OMG..I LOVE IT!U MUST post modeling pics!DYING TO SEE IT ON!
    oh and in regards to your first choice.....if u dont adore this as much in a couple of days...go back and see if they can get your first choice...Sometimes u need a couple of dayd to digest the purchase!
  6. oooo beautiful... would love to see it on (hint hint). You must be thrilled - it is simply gorgeous. And do not for a minute feel bad about the price tag!! That is what we are all here for!! We can justify any price tag - if you love it - it was worth it!! Good for you I say!! Great taste and worth every penny!!!
  7. ^^^I agree with Jill! Let it sink in for a couple of days! It is absolutely gorgeous! Please - modeling pics!:yes:
  8. :yahoo:I LOVE the way you think! :yahoo:
  9. OMG GORGEOUS!!!!! We need modeling pics NOW!!!!!!
  10. OMG! I love it!
  11. Love it, it is gorgeous!
  12. very nice!
  13. The dress is gorgeous!
  14. :nuts:! that's a verrrrrry nice dress! congrats!
    like the simplicity with great details!
  15. WOW!!! :nuts: what a very classy dress....And like what the other girls said, don't feel bad about the price...we are all here to help you justify your purchase. :graucho: Just think about it as an early Xmas present to yourself because you work really hard and surely deserve it! hehehehe that's my spiel to myself all the time. LOL