My most exciting outlet trip EVER!!!

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  1. So, I took a ride out to the outlet tonight after seeing that the Amanda satin mini skinnies had been marked down more, to about half of what I paid. I figured what the heck, I can get one more and not pay out of pocket, plus it's not like I need an excuse to go out there :rolleyes: So I bring along my Amanda cosmetic case even though it was past the price adjustment period, just to see what they would say, as well as my lurex wristlet just in case.

    Well, my SA allowed me to "return" and rebuy my previous accessories and I was able to get a BAG and an accessory for...a whopping....

    $27 out of pocket :yahoo::nuts::wlae::yahoo::party:

    Needless to say I was over the MOON excited and it has almost totally made up for my ebay nonsense! Expect a reveal as soon as I get home in about an hour! :tup: :yahoo:
  2. Yay can't wait I am so excited for you
  3. So what did you get?? :popcorn:
  4. Reveal on hold till I can get home and take pics! I'm so excited I think I might bust waiting! :graucho: But I'm stuck at work another hour! I'll make sure to dress her up pretty for her reveal though!
  5. Oooh reveal!! :smile:
  6. Hmmm did you get an Amanda Satchel?
  7. Ugh. I'm so mad that these Amanda items are getting cheaper now (I paid $50 for the wristlet). You're making me want to get a price adjustment on my wristlet, but oh well. I can't wait to see your goodies! Congrats on the awesome deal!
  8. Shut up!!! I can't stand it!!!! I am so going....I'm talking to DH right now. I HAVE to go!!! lol. I am so excited for you!!!!!
  9. We should be getting pics sometime soon. I can't wait. I feel like a evesdropper looking in everyone's shopping bags tonight. I want to start an Outlet In Oklahoma petition. Not that it would do any good.
  10. ...we are all so excited!!! So many fun shoppers tonight...I stayed home and listened to the stupid news...I should have shopped and fed money into the economy!!!:yes:
  11. Wow! Fantastic - I also plan to use that ice cream bribe - good thinkin
  12. ^^ Ha Ha. The story behind the pic is that we were at a chinese restaurant on Christmas Eve. He hates chinese food but told me he'd eat it since everything else was closed. We got in there and he announces to the woman at the door he's not a baby - he's 11, which means I was getting charged $10 for him to eat a donut and a chicken strip with 2 onion rings. I told him to go find something he'd eat that it was a crime to pay that much for less than he'd get in a happy meal. He came back with the dish of ice cream and I started taking pics. He only ate half of it but the pic's priceless.
  13. I'm gonna make my boyfriend go tomorrow to the Gilroy outlet and bribe him by going to Sonic.I LOVE the Amanda accessories so much.
  14. yay!

  15. They have Sonic there too? Have you tried the new $1 chicken strip sandwich? They're my family's new fave from Sonic. They have 2 full size chicken strips on that baby. Much better than McD's chicken sandwich on their dollar menu. I must have fast food tomorrow. I haven't left the house in 3 days. Stupid ice storm.