My most desired Lv for now: Damier Wapity, I saw it!!!

  1. Maybe u are about to say, this cant be possible, but it is. In a market in my city. Fake obviously.

    There is a big big market called el centro (the center) where u can see a lot of fake Lv´s, there are also another brands but not as good as this one, like Tous Coach, Fendi etc. I mean as good as bcz the LV´s really look auth.

    Let me tell you what I saw
    -Damier Wapity-I really was about to buy it, but I resist the temptation haha. I cant support counterfeiting buying this stuff. Saddly, it looked so so nice!
    -Damier manhattan. Not as good as I thought
    -Multicolore Ellipse. Incredible, it had 33 colours, for 3 colours more it could be real... well not really if LV would make this model in this line
    -Manhattan Denim-Really cool!
    -Denim Ribera-Good, but not the best
    -Cruise collection Wallets!! Nice, specially the PTI
    -Vavin Denim-not so good, but acceptable
    -Neo speedy epi, can u believe it? I dont. I didnt liked it.
    -Monogram Perfo belts-Really cool too!!

    In fact I saw a lot, if I write I would never end. At least you could imagine sth new, dont you? haha:biggrin:
  2. If the mono perfo belt was real, that would've been purdy neat!!!
  3. wow do you have any pics of the fake damier wapity? i want to special order one because i cant wait whether they would come out with one
  4. I'm impatiently waiting for the Damier wapity... how crazy is it that before production is already copied?? LOL those guys are fast!! :lol:
  5. Dang! I thought there really was one available, lol.