My most awesome find for baby Rowan!

  1. I went to a 2nd hand store to sell something, and I was looking around while the woman was doing her thing. Anyway, I went to the blanket section and peeked at what they have.

    Well, I saw this blanket with the Burberry Nova check pattern on it. But I know there are some companies that have imitated the pattern very well, and it's really hard to distinguish between the 2. So I was like, huh~let me see this.........

    Well, I flip over the blanket and what do I see???

    I was like NO WAY! So then I looked for a care tag, and it said "Burberry", then I was like, "Yeah Right", Then on this other tag it said "Children Worldwide Fashion" So I knew they were a Manufacturing company that probably has a licencing agreement with Burberry. (thanks to DH, who is in the apparel industry!) So I bought it. I figured if it somehow was fake, I'd just bring it back to the shop. (I would never keep a fake) So I get home, and I check that company name, and I was right~that's what they are. They are a French based company, and this was the brief English version of what they are I could find!

    "It is perhaps little known that children's versions of high-fashion labels are often designed and manufactured by somebody else altogether. In the case of Burberry, Nike and DKNY, to name but three, the licence is owned by French-based company Children's Worldwide Fashion, whose Paris showroom has just been extended by Shoreditch retail interior design company Paul Mullins Associates."

    So that means This Silly Blanket is TOTALLY AUTHENTIC!!! LOL!!
    Okay, Now here is the totally awesome part!! I researched this blanket online, and can not find it anywhere. But on a UK Site, I found one similar~and it's retailing for $180.00!

    Now You wanna laugh?????

    I paid only $15.00 FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!! I almost Fell Over!! It's in Brand New Condition, Seams in tack, no stains or tears or pulls. It does not look llike it's been used!!

    So without any further waiting, here are the remaining pics I took of it!
    It's Called A Sleep Sack, and apparently you are suppose to use it with a stroller? I dunno~Please inform me if you know! (But Rowan is going to Ride in Style! LOL)
  2. Holy Cow.

    That is the find of the century!!

    Congrats! That is like Christmas. But, everyday!!
  3. LOL! I know, I'm soo Excited! LOL! I never shop at consignment stores, I just sell. But I don't know now. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open! LOL!
  4. That is so true! You just never know...
  5. Yeah Really! LOL!
  6. Amazing!!!

    That'll be great for the winter when it gets chilly :smile:

    I love going to consignment stores :smile:
  7. I only go just to sell things, but this store was busy~so I just decided to look around. It's a very warm cozy blanket!
  8. That is an awesome find! Makes the trip that much worthwhile too!:tup:
  9. Excellent find - Its so much fun to find deals like that!
  10. Nice!! I love Burberry for my kids! What a great find!
  11. Wow! That's really cool. Good find!
  12. Thanks guys!
  13. Amazing-congrats!