my monogram mizi vs. monogram ribera

  1. ok i have this really bad habbit of second guessing every bag i buy so i need reassurance from you guys. i bought a monogram mizi(just in case you miseed my thread) but i saw a woman carrying a special order monogram ribera and i really really liked it(keep in mind that i already have the ribera in the damier line) so now i have the chance to buy a special order monogram ribera. should i keep my mizi or go for the ribera:s ?
  2. Keep mizi, its so beautiful. Ribera is kinda big.
  3. Keep your mizi, I personally prefer ribera in damier and in mini size.
  4. I would keep the mizi, it's a gorgeous bag, especially if you already have the damier ribeira.
  5. definitely keep mizi :yes:
  6. Mizi!!
  7. Keep the mizi!!!!!!!!
  8. I would keep the mizi!
  9. Keep the mizi
  10. Mizi!!
  11. keep the Mizi; it's already been discontinued and not many people have it. the Ribera looks better in Damier anyway
  12. Mizi!!!
  13. Mizi please!
  14. Keep Mizi, it will only increase in value.
  15. Keep what you've got. lol