my monogram mirage musette

  1. my hubby took me down to louis vuitton yesterday to do some christmas window shopping and i saw a bag that i fell in love with,it was the monogram mirage musette in burgundy. it was the last one in australia in this colour, i wanted it so badly i looked at him with the' oh my good i love it so much look', he winked at me and bought it!! sorry its wrapped so this is the only pic i have (still have to wait til christmas, so i just go and sit next to the box everynight), its my seventh addition.

    suhali porte'-tresor international purse in gerainium
    neo speedy 30m in pink
    ursula multicolour in black
    obsession carre sunglasses
    pastilles key holder in red
    keepall 55 luggage

    the lady in louis gave me one of their big catalogues that they use that shows every peice ever made its huge its like 500 pgs

  2. Ohhhh....... Thats GReat!!! But the waiting suxss... Ha! Congrats!!
  3. You are so lucky! That is such a beautiful bag! But it's a long wait until Christmas. :smile:
  4. i know im counting down the days 37(i think) its my first show piece!!!!
  5. What a sweet hubby. And I LOVE that bag!! You lucky girl ;) Christmas will be very merry for you! :biggrin:
  6. i would die waiting until christmas!@ but congrats
  7. Very stylish! Congrats.
  8. OMG!!!!! love it! congrats!
  9. Me too! ;)
  10. Oh Congrats! Do you think that your hubby will really make you wait until Christmas or do you think he'll break down and give it to you early? :dothewave:
  11. Congrats, it's a gorgeous piece!
  12. Stunning bag - I would soooo love one :heart:
  13. congrats-stunning bag! long time until christmas!
  14. ooohh yayy another mirage!! congrats!!
  15. That is awesome! I think that design is gorgina. The waiting - though it will be hard - will be soooooooooooooooo worth it! YEAH!!! CONGRATS!!:yahoo: