My Mono Zipped Compact Wallet & Friends *Pics*

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  1. I just rec'd my Mono Compact Wallet today and decided to take some pictures to share, but at the last minute added a few friends to pose with it. Here's a picture with a few of my wallets:

  2. I love the compact zip! My one and only wallet!!!!!!!! I love your panda piece!
    Congrats on the new wallet!
  3. cute! love the panda!
  4. Thanks guys! I was just thinking if I saved the money that I spent on the wallets pictured I would have been able to buy a pretty nice bag!
  5. Beautiful collection! Congrats!
  6. congrats!
    lovely collection!
  7. I know what you mean Michelle! The price of wallets are just crazy! I bought my compact zip at the same time I bought my mono speedy and hubby about fell over when he saw the wallet was almost as much as the bag!
    I only have that one wallet....and I just love it! Wish there were more CC slots though....I ended up buying one of those plastic insert things.
  8. the wallets all look so pretty!!
  9. Beautiful collection!
  10. You have a TDF wallet collection.:love:
  11. michelle your MC PTI looks so clean and chic. i love it, im envious, my cousin who has the same one is soo dirty, how the heck do you manage to keep it that clean?

    and by the way, i adore the panda and all of the other wallets too :heart:
  12. Michelle,

    I think you have the best LV bag collection, now I think you have the best LV wallet collection. I want to steal the panda one! LOL
  13. VERY NICE, Michelle!:nuts:
  14. Michelle, Love your wallet collection. Enjoy them. :love:

    Yeah... I hear you and twiggers... wallets are pricey... look at it this way... they don't change too often and are consistent in style. So you need only invest in them once or expand when necessary. :flowers:
  15. How cute! All of mine, with the exception of the mono billfold and the vernis Ludlow are PTI's.