My mono petite bucket is in Customs!

  1. I was super excited that I finally got my tracking # from let-trade (this is my first overseas purchase) but when I clicked the extended info link it said my bag is held at US customs as of 10/16! :crybaby:

    But still... how much could they possibly charge on a bag that was $300?
  2. I don't think it's very common for us (in the US) to be charged. I have had very good luck with packages and haven't been charged, yet I have never gotten one from Hong Kong so that may be different. The US checks parcels for numerous reasons, not just for taxation purposes, whereas in Canada, they are quite strict with the tax part.

    Please report back if you do end up being charged. I hope that the bag passes through customs quite quickly so you can be enjoying your lovely new "baby" soon!

    So, what d'ya get???!
  3. it's item v34 on their 'recent sold' list
  4. How come let-trade´s packages are going to customs now? Usually they sail straight home.
  5. Hi:nuts:
    I thought it's a risk to let-trade or shop oversea. There are always some problems about Customs. Once I ordered a pair of shoes from a site in China or Hong Kong and I waited for it for like one month. To the end, I requested a full refund and luckily i got my money back, but I hope you will get your item really soon since your item was in States already!!!:heart:
  6. I hope you get your bag soon without paying anything more!
  7. Seems like this is happening too often with Let-Trade. It's not their fault though, it was just bound to happen. I hope you get your bag soon!
  8. yes it's not their fault maybe the custom lady is a louis vuitton fanatic! if let-trade fills up the form with the real amount or insurance or with the name of the website I can understant that they may stop it.
  9. I remember when I ordered from Let-Trade mine went through US Customs also. I was worried I would get charged or they would hold it. But it only stayed there a short while and then it was on its way! Hopefully you'll get it soon!:smile:
  10. All packages will go through US custom, if they open the package and see the value written on the form too low from what it is, they will charge tax.

    Don't worry sometime my packages took 2-3 days in custom . I guess they are busy or the website didn't update the progress immediately.
  11. its usually 14%... on what they think the bag is worth. I have had them charge me more based on the bags value not what i paid on the bag.

  12. :yes: :yes: bummer..I hope my bedford will be ok
  13. mcmug, thanks for posting that. Great information. I saved it for future reference.

    Good to know bagfetish. I'm awaiting a bag from the UK. I have never been charged duty for purchases from the UK or elsewhere but I'll keep it in mind that I might need to.
  14. I don't mind paying the tax, according to the US customs website it should be 4% on handbags worth less than $2,000 unless it's coming from places like Cuba, North Korea, Iran...

    I just want my purse!