My mono and elux

  1. I ordered a mono speedy on the 28th of last month...I asked for a 25 but on checking the order online the day after it had been placed on elux, I found it to be for a 30. So I cancelled it. I reordered a mono on the 30th.

    When I look at my account at elux online I'm sorely confused. It has my order for the 30 marked as 'shipped', but when I click on the order number it says the order is unavailable. My credit card shows a charge for $595, but my 25 has not yet been shipped.

    Is elux usually that confused?
  2. I have ordered from them many times, and I have to say so far no problems. Even returning things.

    Why don't you call customer service and ask them to find out what is going on.

    Hope you get your bag soon and it's the right size!!
  3. ur u can use the live chat to see if they can give u an explanation? Congrats on the Speedy! :yes:
  4. I would call and talk to a real person and straighten it out. If you get the 30 you can always return it.
  5. ditto, I hope it works out
  6. OK real person says my earlier order was cancelled by me, they can only see the mono 25 order on their screens. I'm surprised they haven't shipped it out yet....
  7. I have an exchanged bag in my hand right now, but the status says my return is 'in process'. So yes, I think they can be that confused. I'd call them ASAP.
  8. elux always seems to be working between Tue - Fri ONLY!!!! i happen to order thing on weekends and they don't normally ship until Tue.....and fedex don't normally deliver on i guess they go by on their schedule?!!!

    and i normally get delivery confirmation from elux like 1am.....some odd time. just be patient!!! waiting time is part of the fun! ;) :heart:
  9. Call them or chat online with them. I've ordered from them a number of times before and they've always been quite lovely!

    My only complaint? When you get a big LV purse in a large brown LV cardboard box, the box sometimes gets a little bit smashed, even though it is packed with those big air sacs in a huge shipping carton. My Baggy GM and my Damier Speedy both came in boxes that don't shut PERFECTLY (the way I want all of my LV pieces to work.):sad:
  10. **Update** well, now the website says that it's been shipped out (got a tracking number etc, and I'll get it Saturday...
  11. I am glad everything is straighten out. Make sure you post pics on Sat!
  12. Ah I'm glad that was cleared up. I'm always a tad envious of US-based PF-ers that can order from elux ! :shame: