My Moni Moni Splendor is very 'dry'

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  1. Hi,

    I bought a moni moni splendor in red a few month's back. I have noticed that the leather is very 'dry' and almost feel 'powdery'. It is not very nice to touch at all. Is this how moni moni leather feels like or is it just a bit dry ?

    When I carry it in my hands it seems to immediately absorb the oil in my hand and my hand feels very dry after carrying it.

    I do use hand lotion a lot so my hands are not usually dry.

    I am just wondering if I can condition it with leather conditioner to help with this dryness issue.

    I tried once but there seems to be so much colour on the cloth that I applied the leather conditioner with that it scares me that the leather conditioner is going to 'lift up' the colour from the bag.

    The bag was ok after the first conditioning treatment though ...

    Should I reapply the leather conditioner ?
  2. If it's dry, and not affecting the color of the bag, I don't see why it you couldn't reapply some conditioner. I prefer to use Apple Garde because I rarely see any color lift up on the rag after applying it.