My money is being held hostage!! Help!

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  1. Hey Everyone,
    I basically have no recourse except to get some opinions on my predicament. I purchased a piece of furniture from a well known high end national furniture store in mid June. It was a special order and they initially told me it would be ready in August. It is now November and it is still not ready. There has been delay after delay and no one can give me a firm date.
    I'm angry and I want my deposit back. However their policy is to keep the deposit if an order is cancelled. Basically they have had my $2,000 with no forseeable date of delivery of the sofa. They people I have talked to are still giving me the runaround.
    1) Is it customary to wait this long for special ordered furniture?
    2) Is it reasonable for me to demand my money back since they have not delivered on THEIR end of the agreement?
    3) Can I get my money back?
    Any suggestions or similar horror stories would be greatly appreciated. :mad:
  2. It sounds like you need to escalate your complaint. I'd talk to a manager right away and if that doesn't give you the resolution you need, talk to a district manager.
  3. You have my sympathy! A similar thing happened to us last year. We ordered a beautiful, solid oak dining table with leather chairs in October and were told we were guaranteed to have a pre-Christmas delivery. We left our deposit and waited...and waited...and waited.

    Christmas came and went, many telephone calls were made and my partner threatened to go and stand outside the store warning everyone who went in about the poor service, how they take your deposit but don't deliver the goods etc. :shrugs:

    Anyway, eventually the furniture arrived - in March! Woo-ho!!! :woohoo: HOWEVER, although the delivery men tried to assemble it all for us they had been given the wrong nuts/bolts and screws. :hrmm: We were told they could either take it all away and re-deliver when they got the bag of nuts, bolts and screws, or we could keep everything here and have the nuts/bolts etc delivered directly to us and they would come back to assemble it. We decided to keep everything here rather than risk never seeing it again, and waited for the nuts/bolts to arrive. :oh:

    A week later we had a phone call saying they'd managed to trace a bag of nuts and bolts and a week after that they sent the delivery men back to assemble it all. We finally had a dining table and chairs! :smile:

    4 weeks later we got a package through the door - that's right, it was the nuts and bolts which had been ordered for us!

    Amongst the telephone calls that were made and with the fiasco about the nuts and bolts, the manager agreed that we'd been given a bit of a run-around and told us to come in to the store as they were giving us a £200 store credit note to spend on anything we wanted - in their store. We went in and managed to wrangle £400 worth of goods instead of the £200 they'd offered. :tup:

    My advice to you would be to be persistent in getting your point across and be specific about what you want. Am keeping everything crossed for you and hope it all works out.:yes:
  4. Does you local news station have the reporter do a consumer help thing? (They do here) also the newspapers have it. If a person is having a problem with a store, ect....they contact them and they will investigate....funny how the stores do not want BAD publicity and things are solved right away. I would try that. A letter from a lawyer could help too.
    Did your contract/receipt with the store have a date for the furniture, if so, they broke the contract and I would think they have to give you the money.
    Good luck.
  6. Look them up on the better business bureau!
  7. Thanks for all of your suggestions! I have talked to a regional manager this week who basically told me the same thing that the salesperson said via my voice mail. We have been playing phone tag. She basically said that the date is now mid to late November.
    I'm going to leave a message stating that they have failed to uphold their contract which is the delivery of a sofa at their estimated time and therefore have breached it. I demand a refund and that I no longer want discuss when the sofa will be made or delivered. If I encounter resistance to this I will be forced to pursue legal advice and/or file a formal complaint with the BBB or the local news.
    Unfortunately I do not have a written date of delivery. I only received a verbal date, which was initially August. However I have two witnessess that can attest to that date. There was a lack of full disclosure at the time of the sale as to average wait times and the possibility of a 5 month wait. If I had known this, I would not have purchased it. This to me is dishonesty. Period. Their lack of professional integrity to admit they have not provided the service they promised to me (for whatever reason) and seriously discuss a refund is the most disappointing and disgusting part of all of this. :tdown: I should have gone to Value City!

  8. :roflmfao:...after reading what you thought you read...i can't help but chuckle about it...

    Some Local TV station have consumer reporters....they looovvvve to put the squeeze on merchants like the ones your dealing with.....Marvin Zindler was well known in the Houston area for putting shady sales people in their place. Stick to your guns and give em HELL:cursing:
  9. Depending on where you ordered your furniture from, you might have to just wait it out especially if it is a custom order, you left a deposit so if you changed your mind, then they would be covered if they are half way through making it, that they aren't stuck with it.

    I would assume you signed a contract with them about the specifications of the piece your ordered. Most places cannot give a definite day of delivery unless they are chain stores like Rooms To Go or such because they sell in bulk, what you see in their showroom is what you get. A custom piece, if you want it to turn out nicely, can't be rushed. The reason I know all of this is because I have ordered custom furniture for several houses to last a lifetime. It took me 5 years to decorate a house once. Consider a few weeks a walk in the park. Good luck to you.