My money has been stolen what do I do?

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  1. I bought a marc jacobs bag a few weeks ago and I had it authenticated on this forum, however, after I had paid for it she told me the inside zips were riri m8 so I knew it was fake, I emailed her and she said she had already posted it and was offended etc. Anyway since then I have had no response whatsoever, she has emailed every single email I have sent and I have no bag. She invoiced me to pay her and said that I would not get customs charges that way although it was still with paypal.

    I have opened a dispute with paypal and she has not answered any of my emails in that either, what do I do? Escalate it to a claim? She had over 500 feedback as well! The only think is that my sister opened an ebay account to bid on it for me (as I was suspended for not paying fees of auctions they closed accusing them of being fakes!) and still trying to charge me. Anyway they realised the details were similar and banned her too because they realised the accounts were similar so I cant even leave her feedback, I really dont know what to do. Below is the auction.
  2. It was won on the 7th of May!
  3. Escalate to a claim NOW!

    Not wanting to be mean but you should have looked at her negs as there are two on the first page saying they didn't get their items.
  4. Even the price looks too good to be true. Definitely escalate to a claim right away. Good luck.
  5. Get it professionally authenticated first. The clock starts ticking right away when you start a claim. She would have already moved her $$$ around. See if My Poupette authenticates MJ. Do that first. Otherwise they give you 10 days once they start investigating. It is hard to get a written authentication in 10 days. On the last day in which you can escalate (or the day you have the authentication in hand), escalate it.
  6. I thought if MJ bags had riri zippers they were real? Could someone please let me know why the bag is fake? Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread. Thanks!
  7. when you say she invoiced you, did she do that in reference to the ebay auction? If she has a lot of transactions, you should be covered by paypal buyer protection but just for future reference: payment should always be sent in reference to the ebay auction.

    what kind of dispute did you open? not received or SNAD?

    you should escalate bec that way paypal will deal with it but there are some things to consider: - did you tell her already that you think it is a fake? the thing is that once you file not received, she can respond to your claim with a tracking number stating you received it, and you can't change to SNAD. paypal will side with her.

    if you filed for a SNAD and she disputes that you will have to get it authenticated - so you need the bag for that. again, otherwise paypal will side with her.

    do you have her contact details? is she also in the UK? if yes, I guess there are other ways, like informing her you may take legal action.

    I am really sorry bec it seems a one-way street somehow, and either way it might be difficult to get your money back.
  8. She is in the US, I filed a non receipt claim, I will escalate now,I am so so so mad!
  9. Hon, please read my Hermes thread "Bad feeling about TPM seller...." I think you'll find it helpful. Hang in there!
  10. wait did she not send the bag yet and you filed a not-received claim? i've heard of some unscrupulous sellers that wait until buyers file a not-received claim, THEn mail a fake bag. Since you are only allowed ONE dispute/claim through paypal per item, if she has evidence that she sent the bag, I don't believe you can file another claim if it is fake... Did you pay with credit card? maybe you can do a CC chargeback...
  11. how do you know the bag is a fake? i though the small multipockets had riri m8 zippers....?
  12. Yep - escalate to a claim - good luck:smile:
  13. ^ this is what I was trying to get at - I think it can be easily over-read when filing a claim and afterwards it is done. especially since you already know it is a fake. i would generally advise against letting the seller beforehand know that you think it is a fake. some sellers might agree to a refund straightaway but it is possible they might try to pull a not received claim then send you the fake bag. she may now provide paypal with a tracking number for shipping to you and showing you have received it and your only option now is a chargeback.
  14. oh, i just read in another post (the one about the hermes bag) where the buyer originally filed a item non received claim, but paypal later changed it to item not as described claim, when they found out it was a fake... maybe they'll do this for your claim?
  15. There is still no response her end!