My money burns a hole in my pocket!

  1. Had to spend it! :lol:

    From elux, I'm now waiting for: Lagoon Clutch, Koala wallet, Pochette Cosmétique and the MC mirror in black.

    From Coach: Large soho hobo signature in black and white and soho mini French purse in black.

    Now I'm broke again!!! LOL!

    Can't wait to get everything! Plus -- my hubby just bought me a gorgeous '79 VW Bug convertible -- in RED!
  2. Nice purchases!
  3. My daughter would love that VW bug.
  4. which koala did you get??

    i guess i should just quit trippin and get the Koala already...i've been on the fence about it forever, and even bought the antigua to take my mind off it, but my mcPMBV is not cutting the mustard.
  5. Wow - you got such fun stuff!
  6. Sounds great!
  7. My daughter is 14 and will have her school license as soon as she finishes driver's ed -- and she is sure hoping to take it to school a few times this fall! :blink:
  8. The Koala wallet for $535 -- I couldn't decide between that and the PTI Am a bit worried the hardware on the Koala will start to look bad BUT it's my favorite and I knew if I didn't get it now I'd be sorry.

    The one item I'm still not sure of is the Lagoon Clutch. I LOVE the way it looks but may end up returning it and getting a Speedy instead. I want it to carry sunglasses and use as a clutch. I'm already kinda sorry I got it! LOL! Maybe I can change my order before it ships...
  9. woops, i maybe didn't word that properly...i meant from which line did you get the koala: mono, damier, etc...i LOVE the damier koala, because that red just sets it off and would look so lovely in my duomo (and the speedy when it comes in!)
  10. Wow! Congrats on those purchases!!! I know what you mean, as soon as I get extra$$$ I'm thinking, what LV stuff can I buy now????? It's bad.
  11. i LOVE that mc mirror! Enjoy, great buys
  12. LOL! No, you worded it properly -- I just didn't read it properly! :lol:

    Mono canvas -- I love it and would like to have a few various accessories from this line before I start buying others... I don't care for the Damier leather, but I DO love the pattern.

    Epi leather will be my next venture -- I was SO tempted by a yellow case in the marketplace and decided to wait until I build up my mono collection first!