My Mon Monogram is here!

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  1. Well, I used her right out of the store (but I ask for the box and bag anyways) so no box opening reveal.

    I had over 100 tPFer help me decide on the color and which one did I went with... no not the winning combo of Yellow/Ivory but

    PURPLE & YELLOW (Purple - color of royalty to match my married name/DH's suggestion, Yellow - color of joy and happiness/for my first name.)

    I LOVE IT! (I still think the Mahina is more TDF but this is fun)
    The purple is just the most lovely color.
    I had to do color correction to get the true color. The original photos came out more like royal blue.

  2. congrats!! i love the colors, especially the lining :nuts: (even though it kinda looks more blue than purple from these pics lol)
  3. love love love it! :biggrin: congrats!!
  4. I will post some modeling pics later. Have to get my kids to nap.
  5. It is definitely a "blue-ish" purple then a "magenta/red-ish" purple.
  6. congrats!
  7. Speech less!!!!!! love the combination of colors!!
  8. very nice -- congrats!!
  9. Very pretty
  10. Cool color combo
  11. Congrats!!
  12. I LVoveeeee it!!
  13. Very pretty!!!!!

  14. :nuts: Congrats!!! That was quick - when did you order it?? LOVE the combo you chose and the interior is beeeeeautiful! Can't wait to order mine!
  15. I order mine on September 1st (the day it launched in my area.) Tomorrow would be official 3 week and it arrived yesterday.

    It is quick but I have to say, there are some details are yet to be desired. Some inside stitching is pretty uneven and there are some rippling on the edging. I am trying to figure out, if it is a big deal or not. I am not really focus on it but if I go looking, I can see a lot of things that could have been done better. However, it is not like, I can tell them to show me another Mon Mono NF with my name on it so I can pick "which" to get.