My Mom's Ritz and of course I get to borrow it!

  1. So My mom wanted a new Chanel for X-mas from my dad. so look what I picked up at Chanel on Sat!!!

    I love this bag!!!!:love: :heart: I think it is the hottest bag ever! I'm sooooo glad that my father agreed to buy it for her. They both really like it and said I did a good job picking out a bag for her.

    I can't wait till after X-mas and my mom uses it once that way then I can borrow!!!! :graucho:

    Sorry the photos are taken w/my phone. I will post more of me wearing it later. Can I just say it one more time??? I LOVE THIS BAG!

    It is sooo shiney and purty!!!!!:tender:
  2. The 1st moment I saw her I just had to have it!!!
    mom1.jpg mom2.jpg
  3. It's gorgeous!!!

    That's it! I'll go start a thread in the Reference LIbrary!
    {if I haven't already:shame:}
  4. Congrats to your mom! I hope you get to borrow it a lot:graucho: !
  5. OK, done!
    If you get a chance, can you post them in the new Reference thread?
  6. will do!
  7. Beautiful bag! you have very good taste and your mom is one lucky lady:yes:
  8. Wow, what a great gift. I love it!

    Congrats to you and your Mom.
  9. thank all!!! I just can't wait to be able to use it!
    It makes me feel better not getting the violet jumbo flap. I think once I saw the Ritz I just really didn't want the jumbo flap anymore.
  10. Goooorgeous .. many many congrats to mummy =)
  11. I just got this bag in the PM. It's so HOT!:love:
  12. Love it!
  13. You and your mom are soo lucky!! what a great xmas present that is!
  14. I so agree!!! It is smoking HOT! :beach:

    thanks all
  15. One of my new favorites!!!!
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