my mom's new wallet!

  1. so we went to the LV at Raffles Hotel. This is the first time I needed to queue to get in the Raffles LV boutique. *faint* Many items have been sold out.

    anyway, think it was still a nice experience. The SA was patient and showed us whatever item we wanted to see.:yes:

    here are the pics! My mom's new wallet - Alexandra Damier Azur


  2. Congrats to your mum! it's a great wallet, love the azur!
  3. its so pretty! and did they say when they would be restocking the boutiques? i need to get a vernis wallet. :crybaby:

    was hoping for the mad rush to be over. SAs are always mean to me; i reckon cos i look young and penniless! :shame:
  4. madaddie, which vernis do you have in mind? I was told that the vernis koala wallets have been all sold. and I never know that sunset boulevards are all sold out since quite some time ago.... *how back in time I am!
  5. i like it. Now i want one, thanks for the inside pics....
  6. Very pretty wallet!
  7. hi dearie,

    i wan the pomme vernis ludlow cos i need a small one to fit into my pochettes which i carry more often than my bigger bags. :rolleyes:
  8. Very pretty! Congrats to your mom!
  9. Very pretty! I'm thinking of getting that one too.
  10. Your mum made a great choice. Congrats on the new pretty wallet! :yes:
  11. Congrats, that's gorgeous!!!!
  12. Congratulations.
  13. that's the first time i've seen this wallet in the azur print! so adorable! wow, a queue to get inside the raffles hotel store? that's a first! i go there whenever i can (instead of the taka one) just to avoid the crowds usually!
  14. Congrats, that is so pretty!
  15. I see a zipper, so there is a section to put coins in right??