My Mom's New Puppy (My doggie's son!!)

  1. Hey all,

    Just wanted to share some pics! My dog became a father 8 weeks ago!! And his first born was a boy...and was our 'pick of the litter'...and since I love these dogs and want everyone to love one we decided to gift it to my Mom. My Mom is recently divorced after 28 years and she really needed a companion to go to her weekend lake home with her and stuff.
    So right now she's up in canada and I am housetraining the little guy...and he's having fun playing with his Daddy!

    May I present the 1st born son of Mr. Brody O'Malloy a Salt n' pepper Miniature Schnauzer!


    Looking at Daddy:


    Stealing Daddy's Toy:


  2. After looking at these pics again...I'm contemplating keeping him LOL!!!
  3. Oh he is too gorgeous. I've always wanted a Schnauzer. Your mummy will love him.:heart:
  4. Oh, how cute! I hope your mom has many years of joy with him.
  5. so cute thanks for sharring pics!
  6. twiggers--too cute!
  7. Too cute! I love Schnauzers :heart:
  8. OMG, that's like my favorite dog breed!! My parents owned one who lived up til 15...he was such a loyal and wonderful dog!!

    He's soooo adorable!!! :heart:
  9. What a cutie pie!
    Love your pics!
  10. Thanks all! After waking me up at 3:30 AM I'm rethinking the decision to keep him LOL
    I absolutely forgot how much I HATE housetraining a puppy....they're so cute kind of makes up for it!
  11. Very cute! Love his coloring!
  12. What a cutie pie!!
  13. aww super cute!!
  14. That is adorable!
  15. What a cutie! That's so sweet of you to train him. :heart: