my mom's new Chanel! What is it..?

  1. Hi everyone! First off, I have to admit that i don't know anything about Chanel styles, colours, sizes etc.. so I have to apologize if this bag is a very well known style and colour.

    My mom just returned from Europe and this is her first Chanel, which she bought in Paris. She says that the SA told her it is a pre-sale style, brand new.

    It measures 10 x 6 x 2.75, and the colour is like an off-black, almost navy or grey but not really, but still black-ish. :confused1: I hope my description makes sense!

    Sorry the pics are a bit blurry. Thanks for all your help!!
    IMGP2411sm.jpg IMGP2414sm.jpg IMGP2418sm.jpg
  2. Classic Flap w/ new chain, right ladies?
  3. ohhh it's the reissue/classic e/w flap hybrid! I have no idea what the official name is but your mom's new purse is gorgeousssssss. love the color!!
  4. Beautiful. I hope this purse is still available when I go off my ban in two months!
  5. that's gorgeous.
  6. Congrats on your Mom's new bag! Well,it's a new style and I haven't seen this colour in it!The chain is called bijoux or new chain and the lock is from a different style called reissue lol!I don't know too how it's called but I call it hybrid too since it's a combo of different styles hehe!It's absolutely beautiful!:tup:
  7. Love it!
  8. I love it too! I love the reissue style of clasp and the leather looks wonderful! Did your mom get a box or anything that tells more info???
  9. Really nice is a brand new bag for Fall07...I have it also same color and evertything. I myself have no info as far style name but it is a beauty.
  10. the SAs call it the mademoiselle lock; nice choice! i'm waiting on the list for the jumbo when it comes in! :tup:
  11. what a cute bag!
  12. wow I love this! Does anyone know how much it retails for? Thank you!
  13. Oh this bag is exactly what I am looking for! I really hope it comes in white.
  14. I believe it looks like some kind of E/W with the new chain and madmoiselle lock. Wow. It's beautiful! No idea on the cost unfortunately.
  15. I saw it at the Chanel in HK last week, in size medium I think priced at HKD22700, the leather is distressed caviar, so soft to the touch....good buy