My mom's first LV!!!

  1. Just wanted to share with my fellow LV lovers my excitement for tomorrow!! I am flying home for spring break, and first stop on the way home from the airport is LV w/ my mom to get her bday present. She has admired the mono speedy for a while, so my dad, sister and I all pitched in to give her enough money to buy one. She waited nearly 3 weeks for me to come home so that I could be w/ her when she buys it!
    I was luck enough to get the mono speedy 25 this christmas, so I will definitely post pics of us with our matching speedies (or whatever bag she deicides to buy)!! ;)
  2. Yeah, happy early b-day to ur mommy! Definitely post pix!! :yahoo:
  3. how lovely for your mom and of all of you to do that for her...hope she loves it!
  4. Cool! Is you mom going to purchase the 30 or the 25? If it was my mom, I would get her the Damier Speedy because my mom would probably destroy the vachetta leather in a week....(sorry, mom!)

    Now, you'll have a Speedy family! Congrats to your mom!
  5. Ahhh...I love it! What fun for you both!
  6. Yay! That will such a memorable occasion!
  7. Yay how cool.
  8. That's awesome! Have fun shopping with your warm and extend my b-day greetings and hope that her wishes will be fulfilled.:flowers:
  9. awww!! how nice of you!! congrats to your mommy! :love:
  10. Aww, how lovely that is of you! Congrats to her! I hope she enjoys it.
  11. How cool is that?!?! Mom and daughter enjoying lv together- hope she gets the speedy!
  12. awww...i wanna do that for my mom one day! Congrats! do share pics!
  13. What a great gift!
  14. congrats!
  15. Have fun together!:yahoo: