My mom's first LV.. from me! :D

  1. Anyways, this isn't really NEW since I bought this for her birthday which was on June 24 but only got to post it now. :biggrin:

    My mom is more of a Coach/Salvatore Ferragamo person and she doesn't have a single Louis Vuitton bag. So on the day before her birthday when the whole family (except me) went to a wedding, I went to the Louis Vuitton store about an hour and a half away from my house to buy her an LV bag! :biggrin: Of course, the money came from my dad haha. I'm only 17 (I wish I could earn that kind of money though T_T).

    I chose for her a.. Damier Speedy 25! My mom's not into BIG bags and I didn't really like the Monogram that much because it's too common here in the Philippines. LVs are really sooo expensive here. :sad:

    Needless to say, I've converted my mom and now she's going to buy a Neverfull PM soon!



  2. How sweet of you!!!! Glad your mom loves her bag!
  3. Oh.. that's beautiful!
  4. Great pics, lovely bag!!! Your mum is so nice! :heart:
  5. awe...what a thoughtful daughter you are! I'm sure you'll mom was greatly touched by it...congrats!
  6. aw that's very sweet of you! I'm sure she really loves it :biggrin:
  7. thank you guys, i'm soo glad she loved it! :biggrin:
    now she's super into LV~!! hahaha oops!
  8. You're such a sweet daughter...

    Reminds me of the first bag I bought my mom --> Mono Mini Looping (back when the bag was still under $500)
  9. How sweet and thoughtful. Your Mom must be proud. Beautiful bag.
  10. That is so sweet of you!!!!
  11. wow what an gorgeous present. I love this bag.
  12. that's really nice

    I'm think of buying a mini lin speedy for my mom too
  13. That's a breathtaking present for your mother! I'm thrilled she loves it.
  14. What a nice gift!
  15. Great choice! Good to hear she loves it!