My mom's first dior!

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  1. Hi all~

    Recently I went to Bicester Village with my mom. While I myself got a Mulberry, my mom was on the fence on getting a Dior or a Tod's
    I truely in love with the Dior when my mom carry it!

    & finally she got it!
    Paid 595 pound for it, I myself think its a great buy despite not having any experience on buying a Dior..(and the difference between the large and medium was like 30 pound, and my mom is a big bag lady)..

    So here she is!;)
  2. I do not know whats the name of it, if anyone know, i appreciate if you can tell me the name.. :smile:
  3. That's the soft Lady Dior hobo. Congrats to your mum :smile:
  4. Beautiful choice!!! This bag is a classic and will look chic for years to come!
  5. congrats, classic and elegant :biggrin:
  6. Beautiful! Congratulations to your mom!
  7. Pretty! Congratulations to your mother and her new handbag =)
  8. what a beautiful bag, congrats to her ! and you on your mulberry as well, i hope youve uploaded on the mulberry forum !
  9. Many congrats!! Beautiful bag!! :tup:;)