My Mom's Epi Alma... and Nitro!!

  1. After an amazing short trip to NYC with my mom and brothers, I am back at it. After spending the past few days int he city, I realized that I a) forgot to post my mom's Mother's Day gift b) need more cute clothes and c) do not own nearly the bag collection of most of the population of NYC. The only part of of that list that I can really change right now is (a). Sad, but that is all that is affordable (uploading pictures that I forgot about that is!) So, without further ado, I'd love to show you all my mom's beautiful Louis Vuitton Epi Alma.

    Check out the bag and flowers (compliments of her two wonderful and always nice son's ;) )


    And of course, the dog of dogs, Nitro poses with the beautiful bag too!

  2. [​IMG]



  3. the alma is growing on me especially in epi. such a classy bag for someone i'm sure is a very classy lady! she is your mom after all. :smile:

    your dog is too cute.

    *edit after seeing picture of your mom* yay i'm right! :smile:
  4. LOL It looks like he's guarding the bag, and he should it's lovely!

    Join the rest of us on b) and c) :lol:
  5. And of course, my lovely mother posing with the bag!! :love:


    And I had to let my Spy pose with her new sister :yes:

  6. Gorgeous !!!!!
  7. Very pretty! I like the color a lot
  8. Nitro is so CUTE! And I love the color of the Alma.:love:
  9. Your mom is sooo pretty! That bag is beautiful!
  10. your mom is soo pretty! ...the epi alma is beautiful also =D
  11. your mum is really pretty. i love teh alma but when i was in paris i went and had a look at in RL and i found it was sOOOO much smaller than i had previously imagined... were there big ones at any time?
  12. Your mum has such a gentle nature .... The alma really suits her ... good choice..
  13. FUN!!! totally loving the Alma!!! your Mum is really pretty, Megs... i hope she enjoys using her new bag!!!
  14. Oh, how sweet. I love my Mono Alma. I think the color is nice and it looks great on her. thanks for posting. I love looking at photos.
  15. Aw thanks everyone!!! She is in quite good shape for her age (and after 4 kids!!)

    The Alma was a bit smaller than I expected also, but that is the only size they have. It zips open so it works out nicely. She absolutely loves it!

    And Nitro... is probably the cutest dog ever if I do say so myself :yes: